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Hia, here is the issue which is going on, Whenever I start up my game, it keeps asking me for my product code for gta iv. I am running the game as admin. I got this game from steam and I tried to reinstall the game. Whenever I restart my game it keeps asking for the product code witch is really annoying. This is part of the issue. Also, I am using the latest patch. 

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Maybe this will work. 

1. Make a Rockstar account (R* Social Club)

2. Download the game via Steam

3. Steam will give you a key for GFWL. 

4. Install 'Games for Windows Live' (GFWL) (latest one)

5. Make an account if you need to and log in.

6. Log into your profile on live.xbox.com

7. Hover over your account name and a dropdown menu will display 'Reddem Code' Click on that

8. Type in the key that steam gave you

9. In GFWL you should now see the game from the redeem code, dont worry about downloading it but at the bottom of GTA4 it should have 'Display Keys'

10. Use that key in the actual game when it asks you to log into GFWL

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