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Someone please tell me what to do

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Hi guys , i have this problem with my EFLC,



I have decided to Install because of the EFLC 1.0 beta and many other new mods ..... So i install back my EFLC back.



I put in my EFLC  PC DVD legit version which i bought from Amazon . and i Right click and install it as adminstrator . and when i have finishing installing. I click on the Launch eflc . exe . the social club come out . and i click on both the PLAY and the PLAY ( OFFLINE) . and the CD icon come out , but it never start the game . Nothing come out



What are the things and application that i need to download in order to play




from the advices that i found on the nets ,


it is say anti virus is one of the main problem

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He's talking about EFLC, that's the one for GTA IV.


Here's the one you need: https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/200145386

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