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LCPDFR 1.0B Radio ID check broken?

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Hey, when I try to do a radio ID check on someone, first of all, the menu in "Investigate suspect" is broke, as it displays nothing but something along these lines, "ARREST OPTIONS INVESTIGATE ID CHECKED". When it hit F12, my officer takes out a radio, but in the radio dialogue it says "ARREST_FRISK_CALL_IN_ID_CHECK", or something like that, and control radios back with "ARREST_FRISK_CALL_IN_ID_CHECK_ACK" and then something like that again, which doesn't tell me anything and is obviously an error. Any way to fix it? I can take pictures of it with my phone if needs be.

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you apparently forgot to update your language file. Get the manual installation and copy the dll from the en-US folder to the en-US folder in your game root.



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