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I have a problem that recently came about.

I've searched this forum, a few people had the same issue but there was no resolution in any post.


While playing with ELS 7 running.

When i go to switch thru the lightstages it doesnt work unless i push the key and hold it down. sometimes that doesn't have any effect either. 

MOST of the time i have to hit it like 100 times to get it to change one stage....i dont know why it is now doing this it was working fine for months. i did change car models recently but. i just re-installed today and am only running one els vehicle now. still same problem. no fix? 

im at a loss. i love using ELS 7 but now it almost isnt worth it since i cant even get the damn lights on to turn my siren on. horribly annoying problem. please help!


Some answers to commonly suggested methods:

I have SNT and have the quick keys disabled, so it is not that causing the conflict.

I have remapped the keys to new locations such as numpad 789 ect...still the same problem occurs.


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