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GTA IV graphics

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Hello, I need help because for some odd reason, when I am in-game I see a black screen but I see the police marker when I press ALT + T and the map and my money and my phone but not the whole map, it is just only black. I accidentally deleted a commandline and deleted it permanently out of my recycle bin + I installed a ENB that I did. Can someone help me with this or give me a good commandline? 




AMD A10-5750M APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics


2.50 GHz


8.00 RAM

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I think it might be your ENB. Was it Game4Video? One of the downloads for that is missing a file, which is why everything is black.

I have no idea because I downloaded it from this website and I looked at the comments and everyone said it was good and cool so I decided to install it and then I wanted to make gta iv windowed so I made command line -windowed and I just noticed it was black so I tried to get my commandline back when I deleted it from recycle bin and I couldn't find it so today when I am in school I am doing a deep scan with recuva. Thanks god I have a backup. Can you tell me what kind of ENB I should use? Thanks.

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Here you go: 

Thanks! The enb works! Now I have a problem.  When I try to turn on my siren I can't hear it. Also, it wont let me change my settings.

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