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LCPDFR 1.0 Random Crashes

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Determined to try and resolve this once and for all as its really getting on my tits now!


I keep getting crashes after about 10-20 minutes of gameplay.


It can happen in any situation (on patrol, responding, dealing with a ped, traffic stop).


I have a legal copy of the game being run as admin. I have modded ped packs and vehicles however, when I first installed these, I did it one at a time and had no issues for about a week. Then, BAM, loads of issues all over again!


Am I right in thinking EFLC appears to support his more then GTAIV? I've seena few people playing with EFLC and they have had no problems at all!


Files attached.


Any help would be much appreciated.



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Yes, you are right in thinking EFLC gets more support. All developers develop and test against EFLC, although we try to make compatible with IV.

Also, we can only offer official support if you have an unmodified game. Modded vehicles in particular add models which exceed the normal polygon count of upto 100x and the IV/EFLC engine is simply not built to cope with this with stability.

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Will there be any further updates for support?


0.95 works amazingly with ped and vehicle packs so evidently it can be done?

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