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Zmodeler Help?

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Hey Guys, I am trying to create my first vehicle model. Everything is ready to go, but when I try to export it I get a error saying:"Error collecting export data. File: GTAIVExport.cpp line:94" 



Does anyone know a fix to this error? 

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I have a feeling you have the same name for something, Like two extra_9's or something, check over your Hiearchy. Find the same thing, either rename it, or attach it to something. (Make sure when attaching something, have the two different _L0's (And L1's) in the same parent/dummy folder/Sub Section. Then use the Modify - Attach tool, with Selection mode off. 



NOTE: I usually pull the said Objects out of the main Hiearchy, And hide the rest of the model. (Just incase you screw up) 

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