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Awesome Script Idea! [S.W.A.T] Script

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I was wondering if there was any good script modders here that can handle my request.



This is a script to enhance the SWAT portion of LCPDFR basically it gives you                                 

a team that you command when choosing the swat player it will also create Sh-

oot outs more common as the swat player if not shootouts it can be drug deals

dangerous people ETC. This script would not only enhance the SWAT portion

of LCPDFR which is the least worked on portion but create more sense to even 

having the swat character.


another idea I had was that the swat guy who is crouching doesnt crouch all the time (I know you can fix that with the simple trainer but others dont know)


And ANOTHER! Ideah is that we have helicopters you can either drive or snipe out of


ANother Idea that's cool but seems really hard is bomb situations (Doesnt need to be implemented)



Of course another Idea is that rooms with insides like missions have opening doors (because you can enter them with santive trainer)

and have shootouts robberys and hostage situations.


If you're reading this last sentence than you either read it all or skipped EITHER way thank you so much for reading and hopefully you can consider making this

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LCPD:First Response focuses on the work of an everyday patrolman. SWAT and other special units are not on LCPD:FR Development Team's priority list, but with the API, someone might write a SWAT script which uses the LCPD:FR engine.

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