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[Help] Police helper.

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Hey, I need help.


I intalled the police helper and it works, but I can't go inside the police stations.

I have tried to reinstall it and that didn't work. The phone when I press X works, please help...


Any respond would be great.

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You have to install LCPDFR to run around as a cop, doing cop stuff.  That is what allows you to enter the police stations, pull people over, search/arrest, ect.  


VDHPolice Helper is a script that enhances LCPDFR, it does not set the game up for you to play as a cop.


BTW:  If LCPDFR is installed (since you have the asi loader, you probably installed it already), hit the left ALT+P to start up LCPDR.  You'll see stars on the map where the stations are and you'll see a notice on-screen that you are now running LCPDFR.



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