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LCPDFR F9 key not working

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i know i have posted this problem before but that forum post has been abandon and the same problem originates for me and it is the same keyboard razer blackwidow 2013 edition and i have tried pressing the fn key with the f9 key and i get nothing in game. and the key works perfectly when i am not using lcpdfr. so please G17 staff look into this problem and fix it in the new lcpdfr version.


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How do you know LCPDFR is installed properly and it's nothing to do with a keyboard function issue?  I have to hit the fn+F9 key as well to get the key to work in-game and I have no issues.


I'm not saying it isn't an issue with your keyboard, just wondering if LCPDFR normally worked for you otherwise in the past.



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1.- I have the same keyboard, and i experience issues too after playing the mod for a while. But overall it works

2.- Try and Re-Install your LCPDFR. Or simply refresh the game. (Would post tutorial but cant since this is written on my phone)

3.- Check your keyboard settings and make sure all if it is compatible with the lastest version of LCPDFR(Gaming keyboards Sometimes have wierd settings)

4.- Have another keyboard plugged in for when you need to Press the keybinds

5.- Simply Re-Install the game. Could be something wrong with the game install

6.- Check if your game settings are right. And if you are running it in the right package for your computer

If you have a cracked copy. Get an official one. Crackes does not work most of the time

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