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I'm having a couple of LCPDFR glitches.... (more in description)

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Hello. I've been having this LCPDFR glitch for a little while now. Every time I arrest a ped in the game and call for a prisoner transport with the "F10" key, it's either no transport comes at all or one transport begins to come and then after, like, 2 seconds it disappears and I have to keep pressing "F12" for "additional units". After I would press "F12" a transport would begin to come and then it would disappear. I would then try to change my position, like, say, walk in one direction a little and then press "F12" again and I would have to keep doing that until one prisoner transport spawns close to me (that is usually the only time it wouldn't disappear is when it spawns close to me). Sometimes, also, when I would press "F12" the game would crash after no prisoner transport would come. Does this all mean I have to re-download/install LCPDFR or if I do so will that corrupt something in the game or mess it up somehow (I ask that because in previous times when I would re-install it, it would ask me "are you sure you know what you're doing?")?  Help please? Thanks. xsmile.png.pagespeed.ic.CwSpBGGvqN.png


Also, another thing that would sometimes happen with LCPDFR is that when I go up to a ped (whether it be a random ped or one I asked to step out of the car/vehicle) and press the regular "E" key it would act like I was aiming at it trying to arrest it as opposed to giving me the option to hold, frisk, or let go the suspect. How can this be fixed too? Thanks for your time!

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