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Traffic and Memory Question

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ok, 2 questions.


1) after searching litterally all damn day and trying every command line possible i have come to the point where i need help. With the traffic mod "traffic flow v5 r2", i am having a very common issue and thats texture loss. im confident there is a simple fix. This is a VERY capeable computer so the hardware isnt the issue. What i have found is that it seems to start texture loss after about the second cycle. 


Anyways, whats the know fix if there is one. Traffic looks great but the problem is i can only see traffic and light poles, lol. Please, im about to give up and just deal with a city full of taxies but i would hate that.


2) ONLY WHEN I EXIT THE GAME i get an error saying im out of emeory or something to that effect. again, im surte its common but i wonder if the two issues are tied together, please advise.


Thanx again for your help huys. I love this mod  and i cant wait till its running like i want it to!

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Well I can offer some advice but I imagine some may disagree with me.  First off check the textures for the vehicles and if they are 2048x2048, for the body and without any transparency, you can reduce the size to 1024x1024 with minor detail loss.  If the texture is not taking advantage of the carcols.dat file then it's using more resources.  Also check the other textures the vehicle is using, such as the interiors, many of them can also be reduced.  Nearly all of the higher poly cars overdue the texture size and this game/engine is not made to work with such high textures and/or or poly cars hence the issues using such models.  


You may be correct in saying that it isn't a hardware issue but there is no mention of specs so I don't know for sure.  I don't use high poly cars or els and if I do use a car with high textures I either reduce them or make my own.  I can run everything completely maxed out and still have playable frame rates even while recording.  Of course without recording it's even better.  I suggest using OpenIV to check out the textures you can watch my video and it will tell you how, if you like. http://www.lcpdfr.com/page/tutorials/index.action/_/vehicle-modification-tutorial/how-to-install-a-vehicle-using-open-iv-extremely-simple-r53


I'm in the process of rendering a video of me making a texture right now but it will take some time to load up afterwards.  I may make a video of my settings and how the game runs when not forced to use high poly cars and the advantage of using the carcols file.  I do understand that some cars can't use the carcols file because of how it's made so reduction of texture sizes is the only option on those.

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I run all my other games (BF3, iRacing, F1 2012) at 100% with no issues at all. im not much of a computer person so i dont know what to tell you guys. What would you like to know.

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^That plus maybe the models you have installed, vehicle density, rendering distance, list of mods installed, blood type, pets name, average income...... wait, some of those aren't needed.  What was the question?


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Im going to uninstall and reinstall (again). I will reinstall mods based on your advice. I am using a Car Pack featuring Tampa Police (police, police2), an unmarked CVPI (fbi), FHP K-9 (noose),  the blue tahoe that comes in the FHP Pack (polpatriot).

I will use LCPD:FR




Anything else you suggest. As i said before i want this to look as real as possible. I paid for this game just for this mod so im not worried about anything  else. Would like to get this running with real traffic (cars and movement), best graphics, Best Police cars i like, Speed radar (suggest?), tag reader (cant find one that works).


Installing with SparkIV as well as OpenIV


Please, feel free to list what you suggest. The traffic thing is still an issue based on what i have read. Ill wait on this untill you guys reply.


Let me know what else you need.

Proc: Intel i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8cpu's)

16.0 GB RAM Memory


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550Ti


1tb HDD



Also, what is the file name for the Noose Patriot?



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