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I love that car!  I live just north of Ferndale and see those pricks all the time drving up and down Woodward Ave.  I'm curerntly using NUTT's Mi. State Police crusier...sooo nice!


Funny story; A Ferndale cop pulled me and my buddy over on a Friday night and he was quite a terse dick...that is until his patrol car smashed into my buddies car!  When the rookie cop got out to talk to us he forgot to put his car in park.  It kept rolling and slammed into my buddies car...then the CVPI kept going right past us down the road with no driver and the cop close behind on foot.  The rookie had to run after the car down the street, jump in and put it in park.  The car eventually stopped with a grinding bang!  Was very funny, wish I had my phone ready...my buddy was pissed though since his car was a little messed up.


Love the vid...thanks for posting. 


Good day,





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Well i like the car that I just download few days ago from lcpdfr its a FERNDALE! cvpi I like dat texture & I thought i'm going to put it into my youtube video :smile: .sry guys video its not finish yet, so only 35sec .


Glad you like the livery... nice video intro.

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