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door open and close

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ok so i was wondering if like on evi rollback it could be made where sat you opened one of the back door's useing snt you could make it were the bed titeld up and down it would be like a car door opening with the car on it side. if you could get the bed to titeld down you can drive a car on it.

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As difficult as your post was to decipher it sounds like it could be possible to put a tray on a rotational dummy that works like a door and will rotate to a certain angle when activated. It probably couldn't work with that model though. It can only rotate on one axes and not move at all so it'd probably have to be a new purpose built model where maybe a back portion of the tray rotates 45 degrees downwards so you could drive a car up it...


Hm I might experiment with that. Not a bad idea. 






Unfortunately though it doesn't seem like it'll be too possible. Here's a few reasons:

The 'door' ramp clips into the ground so it jumps around when it opens [fixable]

The ramp swings from underneath, rather than coming around over the top [pretty sure it's not fixable, it's just because of the angle it rotates to]

Collision with cars is weird, they can't drive up the ramp, but bikes work [not sure if fixable]

Vehicles on the tray fall off when you drive [probably fixable, just have to add a couple of wheel stops on the back of the tray]

If you bump into the ramp it's very easy for it to fall off completely because it's as flimsy as other doors [not sure if fixable]

When you have any vehicle on the tray the game feels like something is behind you so it pushes your camera really far forward to a really shitty place and you can't drive too well [not fixable]


You may be able to find someone who's willing to experiment more, but that's what I've discovered. 

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you could make the bed move, all it would have to do is be under multiple door dummies

i would explain how to make things slide back and forth and what not with out having to use extra componets but it'll take too much time and most of you wouldnt understand how i did it or got to the point where the bed can move like a real life tow truck

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