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CG Blaze

Zmod Help - Adding Liveries

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Hi all,


I'm a total newbie to Zmodeler (sort of - been years since I actually touched it, bought it again recently). I'm wondering if anyone here could shed some light on how I could go about adding a livery support to a default vehicle. For example, I'd like to take a Blista compact and have it so it spawns with various paint schemes. For time's sake, let's say the vehicle already has a template mapped to it that I can edit.


I know that the textures would have to be named something like "blista_sign_1, blista_sign_2, etc.", but besides that I'm lost. How do I tell the model to use those liveries?


I apologize if I'm not being clear enough, I don't know modelling terminology too well. Also, my apologies again if this is the wrong forum, but I'm not really sure where the best place to ask something like this would be.


If anyone could give me a hand, that would be much appreciated!



- CG Blaze

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