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Does anyone elses game crash, alot?

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gta crashes because of the following: the question is how often and are the crashes within your control or not.


- its a crappy console port that nobody can fix. rockstar gave up and after 7 patches, still can't fix it. you won't fix it either. just get used to it.


that said, here are things that make it crash, in no order


1. dsound works for some not others

2. xlive.  again works for some not others. try both see which is more stable

3. ELS. generally you want to disable that for all cars that are not yours. not as pretty but this has a big impact on overal game stability

4. map expansions, extra traffic, high quality cars, traffic overides (traffic load etc addons)

5. lots of going on in one location. game just screws up and it quits.

6. memory leaks. look at your advancedhook log. if you see Code: C0000005 thats a general memory leak error. you cannot fix it. you can do things to make it take longer to happen. right now im at ~1hr before it dies on me.

7. corrupted/improper game files. missing a single digit in a config file will make the game quit. that's also an SMP error

8. having ANY car stored in a parking spot safehouse will likely SMP you to no end whenever that car is referenced by the game

9. enbs bloat the game making you reach your memory leak faster.



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