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Looking for Role-Playing Clans...

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Hello, recently I have been scouring the internet for a good NON-LCPDFR clan. This means that the said clan runs in Team Deathmatch Mode and has 2 teams... Civilians and Law Enforcement. This is how it is run on Xbox, reason being I really want to be part of a clan where the talking skill is important, you actually have to TALK to people not just press buttons. 


If anyone can direct me to a clan that runs similar to this, please post here or message me. I am a very experienceed roleplayer, and have cut all ties to other clans, ready to get started.


Thank you, xCoZmic Crunchx (Forestrees1234).

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The roleplaying thread here is pretty much all LCPDFR based. 


I dont even know if these exist on PC anymore. 

Everyone loves LCPDFR.


I used to do it on PS3 and the cars were boring but boy was that fun!

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Thank you @beckugan1 I wasn't aware. I guess it's only on Xbox, everyone is LCPDFR based. Don't get me wrong, I love LCPDFR for singleplayer (like it was meant to be), I just want to actually talk to people and negotiate with people instead of pressing buttons if I was to join a PC clan. Guess not.

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