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Creating Uniform

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How I do it is I


  1. Take the purple templates (found in your ped's .wtd file).
  2. Take the uniform pictures (in PNG format) from the ped's wtd. file. These are basically the textures of the ped's uniform.
  3. Use PAINT.NET to open the purple template.
  4. In PAINT.NET, place the uniform texture as a layer over the template.
  5. Go to Layers and make the uniform texture layer a bit transparent to you can see the template below.


Sorry if this is a little confusing, this was the best way I could put it in words.  :blush:


I don't find the purpule template for the texture that i want to change , what I need to do ?

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I personally don't do it that way. When I edit skins for pedestrians on GTAIV this is the steps I use to do the editing.


Before starting you should make full backups of your .img files in GTA.


1. Open Spark or OPENIV (I use Spark)

2. Open up componentpeds.img (located in GTAIVPCModelsCdImages

3. Find the specific name of the model you wish to edit the texture for (eg. Basic officer - M_Y_COP)

4. Highlight the name of the model's texture file (extension of .wtd)

5. Click edit in the toolbar of SparkIV.

6. Select the individual texture that you wish to change.

7. Export/Save it out as whatever it defaults at (change the directory)

8. Perform whatever edits you wish to use on the texture

9. Save the .png out of your texture editing software

10. Select the specific texture again in SparkIV that you are wanting to overwrite with your edited texture.

11. Click replace/import

12. Navigate to your edited texture file and highlight it.

13. Click import/OK/replace

14. Repeat steps as necessary for your editing needs

15. Click Save, then ensure you save the img, then close SparkIV.

16. Launch GTA and using the trainer or whatever method you are using to select a character navigate through the skins of the pedestrian (or cop) until you find the skin you edited.


Hope this helps and that it makes sense, it's been a little while since my last editing so forgive me if it's not 100% accurate.



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There really isn't a guide to making the actual uniforms themselves. AussieMerc posted the steps on how to export/edit/import the skins you make. But the actual design and program you use is up to you. There really isn't a need for a tutorial since you just take the original and that gives you a good idea of where things are already located, badge, logo, etc. and then you edit it and you wish. Make your changes and check it in the OpenIV viewer or if you really want you can launch the game to test it. Launching takes a lot longer but you get a better idea of how it will look. 

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