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Constant Crashing

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I have been experiencing very annoying crashes a lot lately. Well, not lately. Ever since I started playing GTA IV.

Usually the game crashes when I call for a unit to pick up a person I arrested, or when I call for backup. I also tend to crash a lot when I turn on my lights (rarrely though). Any ideas on how to make my system more stable?

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Are you using ELS?


Here's the mods I am currently using...


Simple Trainer (6.4 I think)

vdH Towing Service


Braveheart's Policing Script 2.0


vdH Police Helper

Also, do you know why ELS keeps changing my lighting pattern? I always set it to B1 when I go on patrol. But when I turn on my lights (Either using unified Lights + Siren) or I using the 3 different lighting modes, it changes to something else at random.

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