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    iRagingNinja got a reaction from Maurice97 in Truck?   
    Knight is correct. They're dual color surface mounted Whelen Vertex's. 
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    iRagingNinja got a reaction from Black Jesus in University Police   
    Well, this is what I have so far. Some pretty obvious bugs... But I'll fix those later. 
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    iRagingNinja got a reaction from OfficerFive0 in [WIP] 2015 Mustang - Slicktop (Traffic Team)   
    Working on a 2015 Mustang. Modeled after the real life counterpart, which is part of the Marion County Sheriff's Office - Traffic Safety Team. Still a few lights to add, and small things here and there... but just a little preview.
    Video Preview:

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    iRagingNinja got a reaction from Gump in Gun Mount   
    I appreciate the input fellas. I'm going for 100% realism to this actual agency (Marion County Sheriff's Office)
    Since I work for this agency, I get a first hand look at the vehicles. So I now exactly how they're suppose to look. So the lighting is exactly on par, with what we have in our Tahoes.
    As for the flex fuel, LT, Tahoe, and hitch...
    I can't figure out how to remove them! I've tried... maybe I'm just dumb. Haha
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    iRagingNinja got a reaction from Braveheart in LC Police - On Patrol - Multiplayer   
    Hey all! Detective Lieutenant iRagingNinja here from the LC Police. A roleplaying clan for GTAIV/LCPDFR. Proud to present you with one of our most recent videos, particularly with our newly released car pack (LC Police Exclusive).
    Take a look to see how we operate on a multiplayer shift with the rest of the department. Here, I'll be running as Echo 1 (Emergency Response Unit, or ERU). However I am running in a Traffic uniform and car.
    If any other LC Police members (ONLY) have videos to post, please post them here!
    (Guidelines to be met on www.lc-police.com)
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