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Our very first mod for RDR2, a simple trainer allowing you to change your model and teleport, is now available on Mod-RDR.com.

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Edited version of GTA V Vapid Police Cruiser by Sam and Lt.Caine to resemble a California Highway Patrol/San Andreas Highway Patrol. It features a FS Vision lightbar edited to semi-match the one used by CHP, a CHP pushbar by freakingmusket, grimm, reckless and Sgt.Kanyo and SAHP liveries designed by Ekalb and edited to match this model.

Archive contains 4 SAHP skins and 4 extra SAHP white skins.



- Use OpenIV to replace the corresponding files within vehicles.img with the .wft and .wtd files provided in this package.

- Open the vehicles.ide file in your Grand Theft Auto IVcommondata folder, find the lines beginning with the names of the appropriate models, and at the end of those lines add +livery.


This download is exclusive to LCPDFR.com.

Model provided unlocked - there is no need for my permission when fair credit is given to me and other authors.

Made by Rockstar Games, m4k3, Yohsuke, SkylineGTRFreak, F5544, Lt.Caine, Sam, Ekalb, freakingmusket, grimm, reckless, Sgt.Kanyo

Edited by Yard1

Huge thanks for providing the unlocked and converted base GTAV vehicle models.

Base GTAV vehicle model originally made by Rockstar Games, converted to GTASA by m4k3, modified by Yohsuke, and converted to GTAIV by SkylineGTRFreak.

CHP Rambar by freakingmusket, grimm and reckless edited by Sgt.Kanyo.

Model modified extensively by Lt.Caine (including body remap).

Additional mapping by Lt.Caine.

Lightbar by F5544 and Lt.Caine, remapped by Sam.

Modified to SAHP version by Yard1.

Additional (non stock) textures made by Lt.Caine and edited slightly by Sam.

Liveries by Yard1, original design by Ekalb.

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I'm a big fan of the look of the black SAHP livery on that car with the blu/red/whi lightbar. Nice.

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