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Basic Needs

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As the name suggests, this mod adds basic needs functionality to LSPDFR. For better realism, now player will have to eat and sleep in order to sustain.



My YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/ashishcw/

1. Install RagePluginHook 0.51+ and LSPDFR 0.3.1. For details, http://www.ragepluginhook.net and http://www.lspdfr.com
2. Copy/Extract all the files from this zip to your GTAV Root Directory e.g. C:\Games\Grand Theft Auto V\Plugins\LSPDFR
3. You can edit the settings of this plugin by simply editing .ini and .xml files, located in Grand Theft Auto V/Plugins/LSPDFR 
4. Launch GTA V via RAGEPluginHook.exe. Basic Needs is automatically loaded, however you will have to activate the mod from mod menu (Default key is F9)when you go on duty; you MUST NOT load it yourself.
5. Basic Needs will refer all the data from provided ini and xml files. You can edit it as per your liking.


--Credits Sam & others for LCPDFR & LSPDFR

--Credits RageNativeUI RPH Port: AlexGuirre, Stealth22, LtFlash.
--Credits official RageNativeUI (ScriptHook): Guad.
--Credits Albo1125 for his multiple mods, as they have been a real inspiration.



What's New in Version



--Animations Added. Player will now animate while eating at locations

--UI Settings, Last Duty Salary Save & Load Function Added. Script will now save and load GUI positions & last salary



--Fixed a bug, of other plugins not being loaded. Now, all plugins loaded fine.

--Checkbox option added to remove sleep parameter

--Few other small code corrections for better redirection and error handling

--Credits Sam & others for LCPDFR & LSPDFR

--Credits RageNativeUI RPH Port: AlexGuirre, Stealth22, LtFlash.
--Credits official RageNativeUI (ScriptHook): Guad.
--Credits Albo1125 for his multiple mods, as they have been a real inspiration.

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LOVE the idea of this Ashishcw!  Thanks for releasing it.  It's another little piece that adds just that bit more realism into the game.  I look forward to some animations down the road (and maybe some time passing while we eat).  Also, is there anyway for the mod to remember how much money you earned last shift, and also, remember where we placed the Hunger and Salary indications on our screen?

Response from the author:



Hello Teekay, Thank you so much for your such a nice review. As this is the first review for my mod, it will always be special one. :)

Thank you for the suggestions and yes, those are nice suggestions. Here are my 2 cents about it.

As this is my very first plugin mod for LSPDFR and thus I wasn't sure about the initial response. Thus I tried to keep it as basic but still dynamic in a way as I can. Further features, like an animations and other variable saving functions would take a bit of a time, and just wanted to make sure, if people would like further enhancements. As I always like people to enjoy my work and contribution. 
Now since, I got a decent response, I think the further enhancements will surely worth the time I will invest in it.

So here is my future plans and some rough lines on the further development of this mod.

1. Animations - As I've already started to working on animations side of it, I will try to implement few animations(which can be toggled from settings menu of mod)

2. Player's own Inventory - As this feature was planned well before the release. Player will have his own inventory, and items purchased from General stores only be kept/saved in player's inventory. So player be able to the food on the go(without visiting any places)

3. More Customization Options - As of now, mod offers hard-coded places where player be able to perform transactions of the food/sleep params. Future release, will offer player it's own settings. Meaning, player be able to set his/her own favorite place on the map as a General Store/FastFood Vendor/Restaurant or Hotels.

4. Time Skip - Yes, this function will be implemented(I am unsure about skipping the time while character eats but this will be added for sleep for sure)

5. Mod to remember(UI Positions will be saved, Money earned Last shift) - This will be worked on and I will implement necessary changes to the code. So consider it done. :)


Once again thank you so much for your kind review. As I don't have enough free time, as I have full time job but I will surely try to make new updates available as early as possible.


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