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Various Interior DEV parts 1.0.0

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Some DEV parts I've made since 2016, some of it's not the best and others I think are pretty good. Take what you want, it's OBJ format so you're welcome to convert to IV or other games of your choice. Console don't have to be for what I named them, use them in other cars if you want I just modeled them for that car at the time of making. Some of the stuff is high poly and other are low poly so my bad on that. None are textured so you will have to texture them yourself, I haven't touched any of this since i modeled it so I was to lazy to do it on my own. I figured I wouldn't let it sit here and I should be nice.


Here's what it comes with.


Radar mount

Front radar mount

Caprice Console

Code 3 Z3

San Diego Police Console

Floor Console Mouting

CVPI Console

FHP Console

Radio Speaker

Idle Button

Mic Clip

Radar Controller

RCMP Siren Mount

RCMP Console

Tahoe Console

Another Tahoe Console

Wooden Baton


Enjoy everyone.

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These look great, especially those RCMP mounts, maybe when I get back into that pack they will be in use. 

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