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San Andreas State Police pack by Bendy Snowball 1.7.0

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About This File

This is my first pack and texture pack so please be nicer. I thought it was about time to make a pack that was fictional and not the same as any other state police pack. So I created this. Shoutout to Nathos123 for encouraging me and for giving me constructive criticism. 



Unit Numbers on ALL cars (DONE!)

FPIS (taurus) coming soon (will be fixed and optimized in the 2.0.0 update!)

Police HP Helicopter (air one) unit (coming in 2.0.0 update in a few weeks)


Cars Used


Dodge Charger: 

Ford Explorer Slicktop: 

 The Hurks CHP pack (CVPI and Ford Expedition): 

FPIS  or Taurus 16


What's New in Version 1.7.0


New in 1.5


New in 1.7

Brand new Taurus 16 skin! (trying to fix)

User Feedback

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· Edited by ModHD

For current version ·

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Text need to be corrected. Colors need to balance out.


Could be better, i know you can do it!



EDIT: your stickers at the back need to centered all text needs to visible etc etc

Response from the author:

Which text needs to be corrected and which colors need balancing? I need you to specify so I can fix.

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Joshua Orzel

For current version ·

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Love them!!!

Response from the author:

Thank you sooo much!! 

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A 6FT8IN Goose

For current version ·

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I am giving you one star for numerous reasons my friend, note I can change this at any time from 1 - 5 so please listen to the feedback that is given to you before lashing out and what not at your fellow LSPD:FR Community members. 


The first thing is your coloring. The coloring of the car is too light, the Light Blue and Pure White colors do not work in my opinion. I get you are trying to be creative and unique which I think is marvelous but putting together colors that usually don't make sense isn't the way to do it. Remember it  a texture for a POLICE CRUISER not a parade. Police cruisers / departments need to be taken seriously, if I saw a light blue cruiser driving around I would be like "The f*ck is this garbage???... This department is clearly not representing itself correctly." Now not every cruiser in the world has to be Black and White or full White and what not as they traditionally are but maybe do darker colors, the white is fine but the light blue could be a darker blue in my opinion.


Second thing is your design on the sides the yellow and white. The yellow chevrons should be more horizontal. I understand what you are trying to do with them but in my opinion because they aren't swooshes and curves it should be straight. Now I have noticed some of the yellow chevrons are horizontal at 100%, but your Crown Victoria again based on screenshots is slightly slanted upwards. Text should be a bit more bold. The chevrons not being straight could just be the angle of the screenshot but if that is not the case please fix.


Third thing is general design. I see you got a little lazy with putting on the cars "CALL 9-1-1" for example your Ford Crown Victoria, Taurus and Expedition do not have "Call 9-1-1" on them which they should the design of a cruiser is the "UNIFORM" a uniform should look the same as the other uniforms. On the explorer the "CALL" part of it goes into the gap of the door handle which needs to be fixed. I also do not see any car numbers, identifying their district or division and general car identification. The reason for the numbers is if someone wants to report a cruiser for let's say doing something illegal such as speeding then a civilian can call in say "Hi, I saw one of your cruisers, car number 1234 drive by and was going pretty fast almost causing couple of accidents" these numbers are also important in identifying the car of what division or district it belongs too.


Forth thing is creativity, maybe add some more design to the rear of the cars all you have is "STATE POLICE" which is find but maybe safety stripes and what not on the back.



This is all for me please take into consideration my feedback. I would like to see some improvements, once I see them I will be more then glad to change my review and star rating.

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