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The Pause Menu

LSPDFR 0.4 introduces seamless integration with Grand Theft Auto V's pause menu.  To access this, simply open the pause menu as normal and click on the LSPDFR tab.




The 'LSPDFR' tab in the Pause Menu of Grand Theft Auto V.



Pause Menu Options



 - Switch Character (brings you to the Character Manager which allows you to switch characters, create a new one, etc.)

 - Go to nearest Police Station (this will bring you to the closest Police Station)

 - Go to Apartment (this will bring you into the Apartment with a short intro sequence)



From here, you can view all of the active configurable settings in LSPDFR and their current values.

For more information, see Settings



This menu displays all of the active Callouts currently loaded in LSPDFR.



See LSPDFR Sync for more information.


Key Bindings

From here, you can view all of the configurable key bindings in LSPDFR and their current values.

Key bindings cannot be edited from the menu, but should be changed by editing the keys.ini file.



This page simply displays the authors and current version of LSPDFR.

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