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Interaction Menu


The Interaction Menu


LSPDFR replaces the default game interaction menu with its own. By default, press M or hold back on controller to access the menu.




  • Quick GPS lets you quickly set a GPS waypoint to the nearest police station, jail drop-off, fire station, medical center, or your apartment.
  • Police Radio is only available while on duty and brings you to the Police Radio sub menu. See Police Computer & Radio for more info.
  • Vehicle brings you to a sub menu that gives you access to some of your vehicle's functions. More on that later.
  • Action lets you perform a few different quick actions, such as drinking coffee or eating donuts. Press Enter to perform the action.
  • Dialogue lets you say various things like "Hi" or "Bye." Press Enter to say it.
  • Player mood changes your character's facial expression.
  • Walk style changes the animation your character uses for walking.
  • Spawn location changes where you spawn when loading the mod on startup. Police Station will put you at a police station, apartment will put you in your apartment, random will randomly pick between those and a few different scenarios.


The Vehicle sub menu gives you access to some of the functions of your current vehicle. It can even be used remotely!




  • Engine lets you turn your engine on or off or leave it always running.
  • Lights lets you turn your lights on or off.
  • Doors lets you open any of the doors.
  • Emergency signals lets you toggle between lights, lights and sirens, or off.
  • Radio lets you change the radio station (yes - the radio works in police cars now!)

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