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The Apartment


With the introduction of Characters to LSPDFR, there is now a functional Apartment available for the player to use.  It can function as a Spawn Location, or can be freely entered during gameplay.   The Apartment can also be quickly accessed through the Pause Menu


There's currently only one Apartment in LSPDFR, which is in Vinewood Hills.  It is marked by a House icon.




Sitting down in the Apartment in LSPDFR 0.4.




There are a number of features available in the Apartment, including:


  • Drinks
  • TV
  • A bed
  • Chairs
  • Shower
  • Radio




The Apartment also contains a Wardrobe which can be used to manage the player character's outfits.  You can also change your character's current Components and Props.




The Wardrobe in the Apartment.




The Apartment also has a vehicle garage outside.  By default a black Stanier will be spawned there as the player character's personal vehicle.  It is possible to replace this vehicle with another of your choosing by driving your chosen vehicle to the garage and following the on-screen instructions.

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