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    RascarDK got a reaction from LMS in Your best LSPDFR 0.4 screenshots?   
    Screenshot collection from the last few patrols...
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    RascarDK reacted to Kaller330 in If this doesn't sum up GTA's mechanics, nothing will.   
    Short clip from some of the streams I'm starting to do. And a perfect example of what I believe is being rectified in 0.4!

    Apologies for the loud laugh.

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    RascarDK reacted to Kallus in Your best LSPDFR screenshots?   
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    RascarDK reacted to Sam in LSPDFR Announcement + Preview   
    ​The map of North Yankton is too incomplete for that I think, but we do have a little bit of NYSP support already built in.
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    RascarDK reacted to Sam in LSPDFR Announcement + Preview   
    ​Everything like that is yet to be decided.  Most likely we will do our best to get something out relatively soon, though.
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    RascarDK reacted to Sam in LSPDFR Announcement + Preview   
    We're all thrilled to finally announce the development of LSPDFR for GTA V.  Everyone here has been working like crazy to make progress with the modification and the website, and we're only just getting started.
    We hope that everyone enjoys the little taste of what we have in store with LSPDFR.  Feel free to use this topic for speculation, discussion and questions.
    On behalf of the entire team,
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    RascarDK reacted to LMS in Modding and V   
    I have not yet decided whether we use our own hook implementation, which we already have, or switch to Alex's at some point.
    As for LCPDFR for GTA V, we will let you all know when we have something to share. No work has been started yet though, we're mostly messing around with the scripting engine atm.
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    RascarDK reacted to ineseri in Modding and V   
    ​LMS is good friends with many of the big "reclusive" coders/hackers/reversers, and has stated that he is already doing his best.
    Patience, young padawan. 
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    RascarDK reacted to Original Light in How to Increase Performance   
    Hi everyone,
    The last day or so I haven't been playing the game's story line as most of you are (I've already played through it a few times on the old versions), instead I've devoted my time to observing the game's graphic options and characteristics. In general, seeing what I can do to squeeze the best graphics out of it with the best FPS possible. After doing countless reboots and benchmark testing, I've found a few helpful things. 
    Not all of us are able to afford expensive computers, but that doesn't mean you can't enable higher quality graphics.
    As of now, I am able to run the game on Ultra (1080 resolution) with 40 fps average, sometimes higher. Though on the advanced graphics menu, I have all enabled except the extended distance/shadow sliders all the way down.
    My hardware:
    Intel Core i7 960 @ 3.2 Ghz
     EVGA GTX 680 Superclocked (2 GB)
     12 GB of RAM.
    I consider my rig at least mid grade or entry level high end.
    All in all, I've found several ways to increase performance:
    Run in Borderless Window mode. This allows you to turn off VSync, and you also won't have any screen tearing. Easy FPS boost. On the Population Variety Slider, feel free to move it down. This is a very VRAM hungry option. I believe it has to do with the amount of extras on Peds, such as backpacks or items in general, or the variety of vehicles on the street. If I'm wrong please correct me. I moved it down and noticed little to no difference. Use your sacred VRAM on something more useful! Additionally, if anyone is experiencing random performance drops (such as the game locking up, super low 1-5 fps out of the norm) this is likely caused because of overloading. Decrease this to ease your VRAM. I personally suffered from this and decreased the slider to the near bottom (2 notches) and no longer experienced this.  NVIDIA cards - Use FXAA instead of MSAA. While it may not look as good, it has nearly no performance cost and I can't really see any difference. Additionally, enable it through your control panel rather than in-game for more FXAA options (different levels mostly), while in game you only have one option, which I assume is 16x. AMD cards should also use their equivalent if they want to increase performance. 
    NVIDIA cards - Go to the NVIDIA control panel. Enable Threaded Optimization, set Maximum pre-rendered frames to 3, and under power management mode, select Prefer maximum performance.  Additional note: You may select "Ignore Suggested Limits" to On in the in-game graphic settings menu. This allows you to exceed your VRAM limit. I'm personally around 800 MB over my limit and suffer no issues in regards to performance. For those of you who want the most out of this game graphically, I suggest you do the same.  If you prefer to have VSync for any reason, don't enable it in game. Instead, do it through you graphic card's control panel. Along with this, enable Triple Buffering. This helps increase performance while VSync is enabled.  Overclocking:
    Note: Overclock at your own risk. I am NOT responsible for any damage caused to your card. You have been warned! 
    Download the program for your respective card. For us NVIDIA users, I recommend EVGA Precision X. 
    I was able to increase GPU CLOCK OFFSET by 42 MHz, and MEM CLOCK OFFSET by 115 MHz. I have not gone any higher, nor do I plan to as I found the sweet spot for my card. Pushing your card too far may cause overheating, instability, game crashes, and possible damage. You may also increase the fan curve and voltage. Don't mess with voltage unless you know what you're doing. 

    I hope this helps many of you and you can enjoy this amazing game to its highest potential. Also, a special thanks to Murphy and Sniper296 for aiding my research. 
    If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reply,
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    RascarDK got a reaction from Carrythxd in Snapmatic Thread   
    My first pc photos 

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    RascarDK reacted to Carrythxd in Snapmatic Thread   
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    RascarDK reacted to SuperStumpje in Happy GTA 5 release for PC :-D   
    *and everyone else :)
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    RascarDK reacted to Sniper296 in Happy GTA 5 release for PC :-D   
    I interpret that as:
    "We'll stop online mods, we could not give a toss about offline mods. We won't do anything to stop them… on purpose, at least. As always, we won't do anything to make modder's lives easier. Fend for yourselves. It's not like you keep our game alive long after it would have died off."

    The preparations made with console data and other RAGE titles (GTA IV & MP3) mean that it should not be long before the mods start flooding in.
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    RascarDK reacted to TheDivineHustle in Happy GTA 5 release for PC :-D   
    Watch them extend the release 20 minutes before for "important updates". I'd die, LOL. Let's see how the release goes, I'm excited.
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    RascarDK reacted to RyanDent in Happy GTA 5 release for PC :-D   
    I'm not a religious man. But I'm still praying that we can mod it.
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    RascarDK reacted to LMS in GTA V Might not support mods.   
    As I've stated numerous times, and also discussed on my blog, the xbox 360 scripting engine is very similar to IV's. Also the whole "does not support" stuff is pointless. They never supported mods out of the box, you always had to inject your own stuff and had to modify some of their code sometimes. This has always been the same. Even if they took additional effort for the multiplayer part, that doesn't mean anything. To this day, no company ever managed to completely protect their product. That would require all logic to happen on the server and even games that do it this way, like League of Legends, can be hacked, e.g. by altering camera limits etc. It's always only a matter of time, maybe it takes years, but it will always be doable. I don't understand why it is so hard to understand.
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    RascarDK reacted to FinKone in GTA V Might not support mods.   
    I think they spent the last bit of time only making the game stand out graphically compared to consoles.  I even think the last delay was for additional artwork (4K res) and optimizations, which I don't really think they had to much intentions of making at first.
    The fact that consoles already have trainer versions (which they have for awhile), only means that once the PC modding community gets a hold of this, regardless of what they've attempted to stop us from doing or to help us do - its gonna happen. 
    Just looking at the names of the models, not a whole lots changed from this one... still the same ol' GTA, just more stuff in it!  I'm excited.
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    RascarDK reacted to J T in GTA V Might not support mods.   
    says nothing about not supporting mods I wouldn't worry about it
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    RascarDK reacted to ItsHalvy in Just thought i'd share   
    Have a good laugh! <3
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    RascarDK got a reaction from Carrythxd in Snapmatic Thread   
    Last one before PC :)

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    RascarDK reacted to Lundy in Im from the Future   
    Will I ever get a life?
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    RascarDK reacted to KShark in Im from the Future   
    Will I ever receive that voice transplant from Morgan Freeman?
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    RascarDK reacted to TheDivineHustle in Im from the Future   
    What is the future of LCPDFR development?
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    RascarDK reacted to Carrythxd in Snapmatic Thread   
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