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    GtaFrankie2013 reacted to ASTTrprDillon95 in The road ahead: 2013 and beyond (LCPDFR, ELS.Net and more)   
    Outstanding work again Sam!!! It is amazing how when I first joined till now this community grew to what it is today... And t is great to see tonnes of people love LCPDFR the way it is... I can't wait for it!!!!!!! Great work once again!!!
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    Hello everyone on LCPDFR!
    As I am now getting the hang of Zmodeler, I thought I would make this thread to share some of my vehicle modification ideas, and get your feedback as to what you would like to see. I know there are many out there that are far more experienced modelers than me, but I enjoy making things and am getting better every day.
    Please be aware, this is not a place to make requests, but ideas are welcome. I prefer working with Rockstar's default vehicles and NON ELS cars as this is all my computer can handle.
    Here are four vehicle ideas I have had for a while, all in various stages of being made:

    They are all based on real life vehicles, but I am making them with Rockstar vehicles and components. I will focus my time on whichever vehicle is most wanted, and save the other projects for later.
    What do you think?
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    GtaFrankie2013 reacted to SteelReign in Starting the Police Academy   
    Guys, my lifelong dream has finally come true. Eight years ago, I started working for County Corrections thinking it would be a great experience and maybe a foot in the door to the police. My first two attempts into the police were in 2007 and 2010. Both ended in disappointment. I sure as hell didn't let that stop me though. I started my third attempt LAST August, and just received my final offer of employment three days ago. I start on February 28th and I can already feel that this is going to be the longest two weeks EVER waiting for it. The best thing is, I got in with the same County that I already work for, so my 8 years transfers from my pension plan, and all my annual and sick leave transfer over too, the only thing that doesn't come with me is seniority (they used to do it based off how long you've been with the County, but not anymore).  So anyways, I'll try to stop by and check in with you guys periodically. Until then, carry on! 

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    GtaFrankie2013 reacted to bravozero in Starting the Police Academy   
    Congrats dude, I am still in the academy for my agency but I will hit the streets in the FTO program at the end of March. It's a heck of a journey but will be well worth it.
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