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    CEO got a reaction from stephen14284 in List Of Unlocked Parts.....   
    ooh sexy car! and yeah I might do that. but on what purposes would you like me to make one?
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    CEO reacted to Kane104 in WarStrikeWolf's WIP   
    Please don't call yourself a modeler if you're just going to take publicly available parts and throw them together on a model, its insulting to the actual modelers. A modeler is the person that actually makes those models you're using from scratch. In your case, you've done nothing besides import a few unlocked models without any textures whatsoever and you haven't even arranged the hierarchy properly. Persons who do and release such work are labelled by some in the community as a GAD(a person who just glues and distributes poorly assembled models), its not a term you want to stick.
    You're learning and I respect that, I was there once too. However, if you're looking for decent feedback, the least you could do would be to get the model into the game(in a working state) and then start a thread with a few ingame pictures of what you've done or what you're trying to achieve. I should also make mention that many people don't understand the concept of using the forums and in turn they upload these models to the downloads database expecting feedback, an act that results in more hate rather than criticism nowadays as the downloads database has been plagued by such content over the past few years. 
    I'd recommend you take a look at the tutorials pertaining to the assembly of mods before you continue, doing so ought to be to your own benefit. Unless there's a demand for what you're making, I'd also suggest you keep the models that you've assembled whilst in the process of learning to yourself and rather use them for feedback in order to improve your skills.
    Whilst many people aren't accepting of blunt responses and see them negatively, I'd rather be honest about what you've produced rather than praising it and giving you a false idea of success and perfection.
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    CEO got a reaction from TheUniT in 12 Dead in shootings at Paris Cartoon Office   
    You can see the officer begging for his life before this radical idiot decides to end his life.

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    CEO reacted to Mr.Quiggles in 12 Dead in shootings at Paris Cartoon Office   
    What do you mean those people are not "true muslims"? These Muslims are truly, to the best of their ability, obeying the specific orders of the Quran. Don't even contest this, we all know the Quran in multiple parts calls for violence upon non-believers for the sake of spreading Islam. 
    And before you call me racist, don't. Because I'm not. I don't hate Islam, I hate the fundamentalism that is being interpreted by certain Muslims.
    Also, Anybody better read this whole thing before they consider arguing. 
    While it is well known that the majority of Muslims don't go around taking the Quran literally, which would imply Jihad and Sharia, upon every Western country and elsewhere, there is a small minority of Muslims who do take this religion literally, and seriously, and make the vast majority of modern, peaceful Muslims look bad. Fundamentalism, is the basis behind every "Terrorist" group we have come to known, whether it be from Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, or ISIS. This fundamentalism destroys the reputation of Islam, and explains why Europe is having so much tension between Islams especially in the UK, France, and Germany. 
    But the problem here, as mentioned, fundamentalism. When religions expand and change and adapt, as anything does in this day of age, people get nervous, and panic. This panic is fundamentalism, in which to take everything written completely literally. Honestly, these are true Muslims, what's more true than literal interpretation? 
    With that said, anybody with a sane mind and rational thinking process knows that the religion of Islam in this day of age is a religion of peace, and not violence. While these people may be absolute cowards for doing what they did, and will do again, you can not call them "not true muslims" because that is what fundamentalism is, and what the religion of Islam states, but in no way is what the religion is about, nor any religion for that matter. 
    Fundamentalism is a problem and a threat to the Western World as it expands, due to panic and conservatism. I'd hate to see a discrimination war against Islam because of the actions a few think it is their duty to do. 
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    CEO reacted to AC-Teddy in 12 Dead in shootings at Paris Cartoon Office   
    Dear LCPDFR staff,
    I am surprised to see that you are supporting the heinous act that took place in Paris today by attacking my freedom of speech just like these terrorists did.
    In no way I was targeting any ethnic group nor any religion whatsoever. My picture was directly to and only to terrorists no matter what their races are.
    I'm fully understanding that this is a private website and their owners are free to regulate the content the way it pleases them.
    Still I was expecting more support from the staff of a website that I believed was pro Law Enforcement. Do I need to remind you that two officers lost their live today protecting our freedom of speech?
    In the future please at least have the decency to either contact me via private message or directly in the incriminated thread to discuss the matter.
    EDIT. didnt knew about the no meme policy. My bad, apologies, still
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    CEO reacted to Rez in 12 Dead in shootings at Paris Cartoon Office   
    I'm a muslim, let the hate begin.
    ~Not all muslims are terrorist~ 
    These "Muslims" that killed those people are not true muslims.
    You can hate or whatever but I don't care less, you won't see me going about with an AK 47.
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    CEO reacted to LtFlash in 12 Dead in shootings at Paris Cartoon Office   
    I believe everybody should watch this to know what is really happen. We used to hearing and watching about dead, injured, accidents and violence because how media work and earn money. In this case it's more about consciousness than whenever else.
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    CEO reacted to Yard1 in 12 Dead in shootings at Paris Cartoon Office   
    May all the dead rest in peace.

    I hope that the gunmen and their supporters get caught and brought to justice.

    This is how multiculturalism ends, people. We are only going to see more of such tragic and disgusting events caused by Muslim terrorists.
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    CEO reacted to Hastings in 12 Dead in shootings at Paris Cartoon Office   
    Even if this newspaper was offensive towards Muslims, they had every possibility provided by the law to defend themselves. And freedom of speech is a one of the basic values of humanity. if you don't like something, don't read it. 
    But no, it ends up like this

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    CEO reacted to JokerMods in Can a person sue for this?   
    Dude... It's just a game, everybody's gotta calm down...
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    CEO reacted to SCSDDeputy in Plagiarism, respect and you. An important notice regarding our Community Guidelines.   
    So im just imagining the fact that you cant link to lcpdmods? 
    No Im not, because as soon as i post this your website will remove even the word of the website that i am referencing. You basically just said that you are targeting one site specifically. Point made
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    CEO reacted to Slimory in Are kids smoking weed younger than ever?   
    Can anyone can tell what exactly is so awful about weed? it's not addictive & if you smoke it & think your addicted, you may run yourself into a wall, face first..
    If anything should be made illegal, it should be alcohol.. I smoked weed loyally everyday in grade 8 right up until I was 17-18 & never did anything I wouldn't do sober.. & it didn't change anything about me, if my child came up to me & said they wanted to try it, I wouldn't be opposed..
    My mom was very opposed to me smoking it, but, she told me she wanted me to do it at home in my room or outside so she knew I wasn't out doing coke or drinking, which was smart, on her part.
    What saddens me is this topic is about kids smoking weed at a very young age, but what I don't see is, kids doing heavy drugs at a very young age, that I think Is a bigger problem, but I've even seen my fair share hard drugs, I've done my fair share of Exctasy, I don't do it anymore & I guess you could say my opinion on it, is somewhat the same as weed, don't push it on me & we won't have a problem, it's a little weird people do it in front of me, but, it's their habit, not mine, it's not my place to judge, nor is it anyones place in this forum.
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    CEO reacted to Cj24 in Plagiarism, respect and you. An important notice regarding our Community Guidelines.   
    I don't see a change to the existing policy, apart from being written down in the guidelines instead of a thread. Requiring permission for anything is no smart move either, since there're enough people that don't want that. Circumventing the ZModeler locking tools being easy isn't true either, there're only a few people doing that. It's basicly always the same guys, yet there're usually always using the same websites whose staff doesn't care. 

    So you don't want to change anything, even though the old system caused many problems? I can only repeat my suggestion: If there's a plausible report including pictures of the poly of the apparently stolen model, you request the author of the picture show the poly of his part. If they're the same or the author doesn't reply, the picture gets removed. If they're not the same, nothing happens, of course. 

    You obviously should always try to keep a proof for permissions. Since I believe this is mostly done via PM though, there shouldn't be any issue.I personally don't know anybody ever revoking permission, unless it's conditions have been violated. If you're giving permission to somebody, you need to be sure about it. It's like with gifts, you won't get it back.

    That's another problem when terms are not clear. You don't know whether an author did grant the complete rights or not. It's the same like with "normal" permissions.If a MP group can't proof they have the sole permission for deciding about the work, the author likely didn't allow it.

    While you might want to keep your current draft as standard terms, you definitly need to consider terms for specific mods. That means unless somebody is writing that no permission is required for redistributing or editing, that's the way it is. I don't know if I'm based too much on licenses, it's definitly an easy way to tell the mod's users what to do.
    Additionally, you definitly need rules for the gallery. It's irresponsible to give thieves a wildcard to show their booty.
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    CEO reacted to Cj24 in Plagiarism, respect and you. An important notice regarding our Community Guidelines.   
    I guess it's best simply to stop discussing whether was happend was right or wrong, I don't feel like continuing to defend other's actions. I only hope that your new rules are going to surprise me in a positive way.

    I still need some more clarification on mods, though:

    It is never okay to rip and edit, since it's not what the auther wants. You usually have terms like "No redisitributing or editing, textures may be modified". The difference is, if a thief doesn't show anything, nobody knows about that. And how are you supposed to care about something you don't know? I might was too quick when I said I don't care about these guys, it's more like tolerating them because there's no chance to find it out anyways. 

    That's why I said "No public redistributing" - I don't care about people sharing the car with friends or editing skins. As soon as everybody could access it, it is public. I never wanted more than edited textures, as said before. As soon as somebody is ripping a model though, he does not follow the terms and this is immediatly an issue. 

    I, and all modelers agree on that, believe that ripping and "normal" theft are very different things. A ripper is actually using complicated methods to unlock these models and IHMO he doesn't deserve a place in the community then.I think, and that's what I did on my website as well, it's required to enforce the modder's terms. If somebody finds violations, he should be allowed to report it and have staff look into it. It's usually as simple as comparing two files or place a deadline until a proof of having permission is shown, depending on the violation. Unless is somebody is severly violating these terms, like a ripper or a repeater, I don't think any website penalities are needed. You can solve many things by simply talking to people, while recieving a warning point always gives a bad feeling.
    When GPM enforced their "No permission needed" policy, many modders left. If you decide mods or certain terms are not your scope, the same is going to happen here, and already has happend here.
    I think a main problem on LCPDFR.com is the staff. If there were more staff members, especially skilled modders, finding thieves would be a lot easier. For modelers like Kevin or EVI, it is no problem at all to indentify specific parts. This website has a damn large amount of members and a forum is no self-managing website like a social network, you obviously can't do enough because there's not enough manpower.

    I used to try to release as much unlocked as possible, but majority of modders doesn't want that. The main reason is, as you said, obviously getting the tribute. You don't get anything else, so you'd at least want to be the one getting the recognition, nobody else. Since the community is growing that large, you don't feel like getting much positive feedback anyways, even though you try your best to make your models over average quality.You all need to be honest, who actually reads credits to find the authors of every single part? In the end, for many it's just the one who released the car, even though he might didn't do anything.

    Keeping a model unlocked to have nobody rip it is like keeping your house open so nobody has to break in and damage something. You rather try to get stronger locks, and if somebody still breaks in, you want the police to get him.
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    CEO reacted to Cj24 in Plagiarism, respect and you. An important notice regarding our Community Guidelines.   
    Why do you expect people to report everything immediatly? Shouldn't Kevin and EVI be allowed to ask for credits themselves instead of immediatly reporting the picture? Since the comments and the picture are gone, they obviously noticed it anyways.
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    CEO reacted to Cj24 in Plagiarism, respect and you. An important notice regarding our Community Guidelines.   
    Many people posting in this thread have no knowledge of anything that happend before this thread all. I've already said that in the first post I've made in this topic.

    Where do you see any attacks on users? I'm not talking about the PMs which were directed at staff members after the whole situation escalated. Almost all accusations that happend before the growth of this situation were justified, IMO. I know EVI is the only one who modeled Caprice hubcaps so far and I expect him to be able to recognize them if somebody else is posting a picture. I expect Kevin to differentiate TraumaPak's and his own bumper, especially because there're details that can be easily seen. Even Sam agreed on that.To be honest, the staff on this website works in a very non-de-escalating way. There're often as much accusations and insults on both sides, just take the comments on the picture linked in the first post.
    And seeing comments like "Ignore who steals your models, I don't care as long as more of them are released, no matter who does" just makes me go very angry. I've mentioned my opinion about these type of people before. I'm also sick of those people saying "It's not your work either, you're just copying reallife parts". Yes, we do, because that's what people want. Just don't forget that mods and therefore modders made this website grow.
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    CEO reacted to Cj24 in Plagiarism, respect and you. An important notice regarding our Community Guidelines.   
    I actually always thought people knew what time, effort and experience it takes to create parts or even whole vehicles from scratch. I've mentioned it before, since almost everybody is able to put some unlocked lightbar on an unlocked model, there's no respect for modders anymore. Even though actually modeling parts is far from putting them together.I said it before, we're creating these mods in our freetime and release them publicly without wanting anything back, often not even vehicles we're using ourselfs and only did because we've seen the interest. If people steal your work, getting the recognition for it, you're getting annoyed.

    As I said in an earlier post, the whole situation escalated after quite some time. The one specific user, that had it account deleted now, was posting pictures of Dodgeboy's Ford Taurus some months ago. Since there were permission issues on my own website as well, we knew Dodgeboy didn't grant permission for him to convert or use it. Since he didn't recieve the model from Gatekeeper, who handed them out before, it was obviously ripped, so people commented on that picture saying exactly this. If I remember correctly, at that time staff didn't interfere. The person continued posting more pictures showing that model, ignoring all comments. I've been told by at least two other guys that they did report the picture. The comments were getting harsher in the end and were removed, later warnings were issued as well. Since people have been told they shouldn't attack that user, some went back to a more polite way: Telling them he's going great showing other people's work. These comments were removed. The amount of pictures posted by that person increased in these few days, so people did more comments and recieved more warnings, some even temporary bans. One other person asked about credits in the same discussion, resulting in his comment being removed as well. For him and many others, it looked like arbitrariness and since the author of the pictures was simply continuing, it looked like staff was protecting rippers. Hate on the rippers increased, hate on staff increased, resulting in the loss of respect against them mentioned by Nicolai.I cannot give you specific examples, since all of the pictures mentioned above have been taken down since. I already mentioned which parts I definitly recognized though.
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    CEO reacted to Cj24 in Plagiarism, respect and you. An important notice regarding our Community Guidelines.   
    They don't use it as an excuse to attack. They're not even attacking, they're blaming others, because they'd like to be able to control their work.

    What are you supposed to do if staff doesn't help you? I was never supporting the accustions that happend in the last week, they were obviously unjustified. We had obvious cases of theft in the past though without anybody insulting anybody, yet those comments were removed.
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    CEO reacted to Cj24 in Plagiarism, respect and you. An important notice regarding our Community Guidelines.   
    That's what I'm talking about, while these offends are not appropriate for a normal member, they'd be definitly unappropriate for a staff member. 

    Yet you don't have a solution so far. That'll only give the feeling of you not doing anything again. 

    I've never said it's alright to break rules. The rule that public accusations are forbidden although is only written down publicly for a short amount of time, instead we should report images. Then we're just doing that whole problem again, people are reporting those images and nothing happens. They comment it is stolen, they get punishments. You see why this is considered censorship and protecting rippers? 

    A person not doing anything wrong won't have access to these specific models. If somebody is really posting a different model suddenly, he can simply prove it by showing its poly. 

    Showcasing mods with links to other pages is already forbidden anyways.I don't see why that's simple though, since it'll course many work for staff and it's affecting "normal users that do nothing wrong" even more than a rule against ripped models.

    I actually don't see why anybody would have an issue with that. If there's really once a confusion of two models, a user can simply prove it is his by showing the poly.
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    CEO reacted to Cj24 in Plagiarism, respect and you. An important notice regarding our Community Guidelines.   
    In theory, it would not be considered stolen. Nobody was ever talking about converted models - scratch-made parts and vehicle had been the issue all the time. Every model is different, even though they might be based on the same thing. Just compare Kevin's and RGXLegend's Caprice front bumpers. They're the only PPV bumper models I've seen so far, based on the same original car, they are both very accurate, yet have obvious differences. 

    Alright, so we have a large start post by Sam stating how the situation changes and that we should simply report images. Yet, staff won't do anything because they aren't experienced enough to see whether two models are the same. I'm actually wondering what we were arguing about? You want us to stop commenting and rather report images, yet you won't deal with any reports? 

    Just because you don't own something, it's not like you didn't do anything. You still spend time on converting and editing. But still, models made by external authors were never the issue, we were talking about scratch-made work. Dodgeboy modeled his Interceptor, Kevin modeled his Caprice bumpers, EVI modeled his hubcaps. 

    Obviously going to help, since according to Nicolai's new rules draft, there's still nothing going to happen. 

    I wish you wouldn't, since I don't like staff insulting people as an "egoistic bunch of immature fools".
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    CEO reacted to EVI in Plagiarism, respect and you. An important notice regarding our Community Guidelines.   
    That's what people fail to understand. This "commotion" isn't over a video game, it's about something that was made by somebody who spent many hours(days, weeks, months) researching and creating(not modifying). I don't play GTA IV, so it makes no difference to me wither something of mine is released or not. However, to me that work is not appreciated when people reduce it to something seemingly insignificant by saying "it's just a game" or "the models are based on copyright designs so you have no real standpoint". The ripping/theft may or may not be very important to you, but it's important to somebody and that's all that matters.
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    CEO reacted to Cj24 in Plagiarism, respect and you. An important notice regarding our Community Guidelines.   
    I've also read that expressions very often: It's just made by somebody, else you're just copying it. Again: It's done because that's expected by the community. That's what many people appreciate, they can replace the default vehicles with some high quality real life cars.There's a difference between taking a model made by some different author or scratch-modeling a whole vehicle accurately, perfectly fitted for GTA.

    If you ignore it, how do you expect anything to change? Theft is always a main problem in all modding communities, they all try to find a way to get around that. I know another community creating public lists of people not being allowed to use specific mods and then let staff enforce it. Do you think that is a better way? 

    Commenting is a lot faster though, and, more important, you want people to know about the actual credits immediatly, you don't want to wait until the user might do that himself. But knowing the doggedness of that specific person, talking to him personally is not going to change anything. Knowing what staff does about ripped models in the gallery, reporting is not going to cause anything. You rather want to warn other people that this mod is not his work, although he says so.
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    CEO reacted to Cj24 in Plagiarism, respect and you. An important notice regarding our Community Guidelines.   
    I'm sorry, but I believe publishing private messages to defend yourself and pillory the users is a pretty desperate move, especially because it basicly violates your own rule which says you shouldn't accuse anybody publicly. You were posting that deco didn't have permission for using Dodgeboy's Interceptor in this thread, yet you have no proof and are doing the same things you punished others for.
    I'm going back to my main statement: This thread is causing a hatred on those involved. What was the cause for the issue? Thieves. Since you don't like the word, let's speak about license violators. While you keep saying ripping is bad, it took you months to start serious investigation, instead modders get warning points. Wait, let's stick to your vocabulary, they got "no harsh punishments". Now thieves are not even the issue anymore, instead there're people saying everything is better if modders stopped caring about their work. Do you seriously think somebody puts their spare time and effort to create something completely free for the community to use and then stops caring?
    What is going on with the community? Whoever believes modders should not be allowed to protect their work: Stop using mods, you're not worth them.
    I don't see why we should continue this discussion. There's no move forward, just repeating the same things.
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    CEO reacted to Cj24 in Plagiarism, respect and you. An important notice regarding our Community Guidelines.   
    I don't think that it would change anything if all models were unlocked. You'd have either more people simply not releasing their work or forbidding the use of it. While there's no need for ripping, there's still stealing.
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    CEO reacted to Cj24 in Plagiarism, respect and you. An important notice regarding our Community Guidelines.   
    That would've been too simple, then. Ripping models is not really different though, those guys just hope nobody notices it and rather believe it's their work. 

    The most recent example although is not the best example, I think. In those pictures you've linked to, no stolen mods were shown. 

    You said that now, but nobody said anything in the last months. I feel like repeating the same sentence over and over in this thread. Because there wasn't much change, the situtation got out of hand. 

    The Interceptor is a very weird topic, since everybody believed Gatekeeper was allowed to give permissions to use the model. We were able to solve it due to having independent modders and staff members. That was one of the advantages of having a small community, because staff actually knew what was going on and could interfere quickly. 

    There are many that actually made the community to what it is now. I think you might be exaggerating a bit when saying they want to control the modding scene. Although it's obvious they'd like to have their opinion count as well. Don't you think it's understandable they like to be in the center of attention? It's the same with LCPDFR, the mod is also considered one of the modding milestones. 

    Exactly, and as soon as somebody posts a picture, he's not improving his own game only. 

    It does, because as soon as they do that, they're not keeping it for themselves. Then, other's are going to notice and then they want action to be taken. 

    There's always the urge of having something exclusively. Actually not even a modding community but a society issue. Though, I'm not sure if it would work better to have no possibility to lock models.