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    PhillBellic got a reaction from OfficerDave342 in San Andreas Mega-Pack   

    I hope they get Sgt. Kanyo out of Retirement. He made many excellent Handling Lines back in the GTA IV Days. I'd hope he could do his magic again!
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    PhillBellic reacted to OfficerDave342 in San Andreas Mega-Pack   
    what I meant was that will the vehicles have real life handling and stuff
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    PhillBellic reacted to mclovin109 in [Research/WIP] Custom Light Patterns through carcols.ymt   
    iirc at least up to 999
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    PhillBellic reacted to Captain14 in [Research/WIP] Custom Light Patterns through carcols.ymt   
    Actually on further testing it might be best just to stick with a uniform 32 or 64 bit length as it appears sometimes the additional bits can get cut off. I have yet to try with 64 but I will tonight. I just use the Windows calculator in programmer mode to convert from binary to decimal.
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    PhillBellic reacted to Trooper Goetz in [Research/WIP] Custom Light Patterns through carcols.ymt   
    I think it would be a great idea for someone to make a youtube tutorial of this, Im sure it would get a lot of views and it would help a lot of people.
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    PhillBellic reacted to flwpheonix in [Research/WIP] Custom Light Patterns through carcols.ymt   
    For anyone that is interested...here are some that I have been using...
    dbl flash
    <sequencer value="2694881440"/>
    <sequencer value="168430090"/>
    triple flash
    <sequencer value="705331872"/>
    <sequencer value="22041621"/>

    quad flash
    <sequencer value="2920756030080"/>
    <sequencer value="22818406485"/>
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    PhillBellic reacted to Majorai in [Research/WIP] Custom Light Patterns through carcols.ymt   
    PM'd you ScottehBoyy
    EDIT: Use this: http://www.binaryconvert.com/convert_unsigned_int.html
    to convert the blobs at the bottom (binary) to the 32-bit integer you enter into the sequencer line inside carcols.ymt.
    Helped me immensely in figuring out a pattern.
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    PhillBellic reacted to jb431 in Glossy paint and textures   
    I exported the textures and edited the transparency with paint.net and it seems to have fixed the issue. Here is the before and after screenshots of the same car.
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    PhillBellic got a reaction from NefariousBonne in How Americas Police Cars Have Changed   
    Too true!

    Many in the Comments Section there also mentioned the glossing over of the Dodge Charger.

    Here's hoping Ford eventually makes a CVPI Mk. 2, or something...
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    PhillBellic reacted to NefariousBonne in How Americas Police Cars Have Changed   
    That video was in my recommendations earlier, but I thought that I'd check it out now that it has been mirrored here. Have to say it was quite fun to see how law enforcement vehicles have changed through the decades. However, there seemed to be a large gap when he got to modernity, (to mirror some of the comments) he didn't mention the Chevrolet Impala, the Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Taurus or Dodge Charger. He kind of just skipped from Crown Vic to Explorer, without mentioning any of its contemporaries; which I think is missed mark to talk about. Regardless, the Crown Victoria will remain the quintessential police car, and while its era is ending here in Canada and the United States, it will live on in the hearts of police car enthusiasts. As for the modern era of policing, my personal favorite is the Dodge Charger. 
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    PhillBellic got a reaction from Maurice97 in San Andreas Mega-Pack   
    That's what I meant. 🙂

    I'll be following the progress of this Pack for sure.
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    PhillBellic reacted to Maurice97 in San Andreas Mega-Pack   
    Based off GSP 😄
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    PhillBellic got a reaction from Maurice97 in San Andreas Mega-Pack   
    That's what I meant. 🙂

    I'll be following the progress of this Pack for sure.
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    PhillBellic got a reaction from Maurice97 in San Andreas Mega-Pack   
    That's what I meant. 🙂

    I'll be following the progress of this Pack for sure.
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    PhillBellic reacted to phantoms in livery spawn zones   
    I have not used it but you may want to check out
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    PhillBellic reacted to Hullian111 in Start Featuring Images Again?   
    I've already mentioned this with cpast over on Discord, and he has acknowledged that the 'featured' section of the gallery is not thought about much. As such, I would just like to remind the admins that it does, in fact, exist, but it does need a good update or two. There are mostly IV screenshots from around about 2013-2015 that are still featured there, with only one or two V screens featured, and I know that removing their featured status may not prove popular with some - is there a way to put a 'previously featured' badge on some mods? - but I think this really should change with the amount of V mods and artistic screenshots that are supplementing them.
    So in short, would updating featured be possible, like on a monthly rota, so we won't have to look at the same old IV pics anymore? Not saying that they aren't good anymore, they're just a bit...dated.
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    PhillBellic got a reaction from Giordano in Trooper chases down driver who hit her car and ran   
    "You just Won an all expenses paid trip to the Slammer!" 😄
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    PhillBellic reacted to Hystery in Red Dead Redemption 2 - am I the only one not hyped that much about it?   
    Didn't they say that for GTA V as well? Because we have seen the result, with pedestrians just sitting there or walking or answering a call. Doesn't feel really alive like peds could in a game like, Watch Dogs let's say.
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    PhillBellic reacted to Cyan in Red Dead Redemption 2 - am I the only one not hyped that much about it?   
    It depends if they choose to bring microtransactions into it. Can you imagine how forced it would feel?
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    PhillBellic reacted to SCPDUnit23 in [REL] Blaine County Sheriff Office Pack   
    So this will be my first modding project in GTA V (I have done GTA SA police modding and I still do) and I been giving Zmodeler a try. So far I finished this BCSO Ford CrownVictoria and I plan to add more cars to the pack. It is loosely based off of Fortune Valley Police Dept in NFS Payback. Thoughts?
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    PhillBellic reacted to Officer GILLETTE ABDI in Ideas for a Patch as Remastered Version for GTA IV and EFLC   
    it´s ten Years ago GTA IV and nine Years ago EFLC are released. Be Cause GTA IV/EFLC is a Great Game and i think it need a big Change and Enhacement.
    Here a List what need to Change/Replace and Added if there a new GTA IV/EFLC Patch(maybe for GTA and for EFLC)
    1. What need to Changed/Replaced:
    1.1: Replacing in GTA IV the Ugly Crouch with EFLC Or GTA San Andreas or Slav Squat Crouch
    1.2: Replacing the Police Snipers on the Rooftops with Swat Snipers
    1.3: Changing the Current the Alderney State Troopers with EFLC Cops together with the Beta Black Cop as Troopers
    1.4: M_Y_STROOPER_WHITE_01 only for White ASP Troopers
    1.5: Change the Cop Weapons so the Cops also can use Baton, Stun Gun,Carbine Rifle,SMG
    1.6: Change the Shotgun, Combat Sniper and SMG with Remmington 870, M110 Sniper or SR-25 and HK MP5
    1.7: use the M_Y_COP_TRAFFIC_BLACK as Chinese Cop Voice(be cuz it sound like an Asian Cop) and make a new M_Y_COP_TRAFFIC_BLACK Voice(Maybe an Jamaican Voiced)
    1.8: Gun Shops with GTA V Ammu Nation Store Skills(for adding Suppressors on Weapons, Shooting Range, etc.)
    1.9: Bigger Map 
    1.10: Random Police Car Chases,Shootouts, MVA, Domestic Disturbance,
    1.11: More Police Roadblocks(also Random Random Roadblocks like in GTA V and Roadblocks on Star Junction,Middle Park)
    1.12: Call the Paramedics for injured Civillians and Cops
    1.13: Prison Guards instead of Troopers on the ASCF
    1.14: More Radio Statons(including the EFLC Radio Stations for GTA IV and GTA IV Radio Stations for EFLC)
    1.15: re add the removed Songs on Vladivastok FM and from other Radio Stations
    1.16: GTA V Nightsick Animations for the Nightstick
    1.17: Dual Pistol and Uzi Holding Animations
    2. What need to Added:
    2.1: Female Cops and Troopers with With Voices
    2.2: TLAD M_Y_E1COP Voices also for GTA IV and TBOGT
    2.3: Add LCPD/ASP Buffalo for GTA IV and TLAD, 2nd gen LCPD/ASP Vapid Stanier, LCPD/ASP Landstalker
    2.4: TBOGT and TLAD Weapons for GTA IV 
    2.5: Revolver
    2.6: Flamethrower
    2.7: Minigun
    2.8: Body Armour for the Cops and Troopers for Wanted Level 4
    2.9: Nightstick
    2.10: crossbow
    2.11: the Army
    2.12: Beta Vehicles
    2.13: Beta Chinese Cop as Chinese LCPD Officer
    2.14: More Gangs and More Gang Voices
    2.15: More Fat Cop, SWAT, Hispanic/Black/Chinese Alderney State Trooper Voices
    2.16: Stun Gun
    2.17: TLAD and TBOGT Vehicles(also the TLAD and TBOGT Beta Vehicles) for GTA IV
    2.18: More Weapons(like Beretta M9, HK G3, M16, K98k, Flasbang Grenade, Tear Gas Grenade, Barett Sniper, Mac 10, Sig Sauer Pistol) 
    2.19: Shoulder Mics for the Cops and Troopers
    So what do you Guys some Ideas what need to Change and Added
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    PhillBellic reacted to Vampyre in [Suggestion] Section for Vehicle Templates   
    I'm sure I'm probably not alone in this, when making skins for vehicles you end up at some point with a vehicle(s) that the uploader did not include the template for said vehicle(s) and unless you happen to have that template saved already somewhere else you have to go searching and downloading other similar packs hoping someone else included it.
    It would be great if we could have a section specifically for templates. This will help the community not only find and release templates better, but will also save bandwidth overall removing the need to add templates to packs and limiting the need to download multiple vehicles just to find a template.
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    PhillBellic reacted to TheSandwichStealer in 'Good Music' Thread   
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    PhillBellic reacted to VoodooMods in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    I vaguely remember seeing some Del Perro, Rockford Hills and Davis/West Vinewood-specific LSSD units in Yard1's gallery a while ago. They might have been for personal use and not part of a future RDE release though...
    Technically, the La Mesa/Cypress Flats area could also have its own department based on the Vernon, CA police (the water tower in La Mesa is based on Vernon's)
    But then again, that would leave very few areas on the map for the LSPD to spawn...