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    Chippy reacted to Thehurk in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    I've been on both standpoints of this argument. Before i got into modeling, i didn't care that a car was locked or not, i didn't see it as the creator being an egotistical prick, i saw it as them sharing their creation and allowing for people to learn how to do what they do by just looking at it in openIV, and for the people who don't care about that, for them to just use their creation in game.

      I don't understand why people are taking modders not wanting to pretty much giving out their work without wanting to. If i wanted to give out the GT500 i recently converted, then i would. If i wanted to give out lightbars and stuff like that, that i made, then i would. 

      I've posted my feelings about this before, I don't see a reason why a lock filter shouldn't be put on zmod3, Its the same as zmod2, where if you really want a car that another person has, you can rip it. It has been treated really well in this community where rippers get shunned, and removed from websites because if a person releases a file locked, they don't intend on letting people have access to the development of it, they just want to share their creation with the community, get feedback on their model, then improve their skills for their next public release. 

      Hystery, you insult modders who only want to release locked models, but what happens if you go and spend 7 hours making a vehicle, lightbar, etc, and you want to have it be exclusive, you want to release it locked so people can use it in their game but not have it to use on their vehicles. You're not going to go and release it saying "You may not use any parts on this vehicle on any other release." People aren't going to listen to you, they are going to do what they want because they now have access to your unlocked file. There is a large satisfaction about releasing a file, that you spent so goddamn long on and people giving you feedback, whether it be good or bad. 

      Having no lock filter on Zmod3 will take away from people doing DEV releases. When I see people doing DEV releases, i think its awesome people do that. They do that because they WANT to release it to the public, to see people have access to their hard work. 

      Theres a part of this argument that you can't talk about if you haven't ever done dev releases or made a release that you spent a day and a half on. There is a portion that is also up to a persons view on the community, that it should be open, that everyone's files should be open to development by anyone and everyone. My view is that people should have to work for their files, their stuff like that. I worked my way up to what i have now, the skills i've developed and the parts i've acquired. Hell, i have no problem helping out a new person eager to learn about zmod, or how to model, ill even give them some of my stuff that i've made or converted to just get them started. 
      All in all, this is just my feelings on the topic. There wasn't an issue with the community before, with a lock feature, people did DEV releases or just gave out their stuff if they so wanted to, so why now does this need to change? We were a happy family before. 

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    Chippy reacted to Cj24 in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    It would be absolutely useless to give up locking just because 0.1% of the people in the community know a way around it. Why do people lock their cars? Because they don't want other people to take their credit. If people respected the modders and nobody ever posted wrong credits, there would have never been a reason to need a way to lock cars. I can live without locking, but I sure don't mind modders who rather not just rely on people crediting them. And before the debate about whether credits are useful or not: If you want to use a converted car but without having to post credits, you'll have to convert it yourself. It's as simple as that.
    You obviously won't just use vanilla models. Most modders I've been talking to have not even started creating vehicles for V, mostly because ZMod3 is much more expensive. I know a lot of people are currently converting the CVPI from DSF, but it's just going to take time. The community has always been in competition, people were always trying to create new, better mods. This time, I guess, many people are going to want to have the best conversion. And in my opinion, that's better than everybody wanting to be the first one.
    Honestly, so far the only people I've seen complain about locking do not create new content themselves. Almost all of them never modeled anything, most of them don't even know how to convert anything. Yet they demand access to everything else. That's an attitude many modders can't stand at all, and I can't blame them.
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    Chippy reacted to Cj24 in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    You really believe nobody is releasing because everybody wants locked mods? The export filter for V was just released, everybody is still trying to figure it all out. It's a new game, a new programm and there're new issues. Many different people from many different communities are trying to convert cars currently. I never got so many messages from people asking if they can convert something like I did in the last few days.
    You complain about people not releasing yet you say people shouldn't release anymore? Apart from that, I'm not really sure what you could gain from releasing, or what you can lose by deciding not to release something.
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    Chippy reacted to Kane104 in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    Yes, its obviously very childish to quote and address someone...
    Yes, you want. You want, you want, and you want. The community is very open to those wanting to learn, indeed, but not to those trying to force and demand from a minority.
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    Chippy reacted to TGM in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    I am trying to convey my points to you, not trying to be childish but show you my reasoning of belief of a locking system. Unfortunately, by making a modding community open it can cause problems mentioned by others. I've tried to stay mature the whole post and I really don't think accusing me of being childish will get your point very far. When I was quoting you, it was just an easier way to point out what I was replying to. Using childish as a last resort isn't the best idea, either.
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    Chippy reacted to TGM in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    Yes it is. It's a reason that a lot of modders want the option to lock our files. How would you like to paint a beautiful piece of artwork, and have somebody do a bunch of changes to it? Some of us like to preserve our work and keep it in a state the way it was intended to be.
    Locking in ZModeler 2 was permanent. It's external software that people use to extract the 3D model.  
    As stated before, any member of the community (even you!) can learn how to make your own mods your way. That's one of the contributing factors of why I starting making my own mods.
    It's not all about credit, you see. Credit is a major factor in the role of modding. How is it childish to want your work locked as I said, in a way to preserve it from the way it was intended? I assume it's childish to lock my doors as well, isn't it.
    Not a problem, however it's kind of weird that somebody who doesn't model, make car model mods, or anything of that sort wants us to released our models with no locks. It's simple, we don't want our work edited, and I see a lot of people say that if you don't want it ripped or stolen then don't release it. So most of us take screenshots of it, and yet people start to hate on it as well? That makes no sense.
     I say it again, it's not about thieves but also mostly preserving our work. I'm speaking on behalf of most of the community. You do realize that we don't always bitch about thieves, right?
    I guess everyone is different in the sense of their work, work ethics and so on. Myself I wouldn't want to see people stealing my stuff. I take pride in my work and want to share it in with the community in a format that can't be edited.
    Nobody acts like "brats". I still don't understand why it seems like you have this vendetta against people who work with vehicle models who choose them to be in a locked format.
    I like getting feedback from other who see my mods in the community, it seems like all of the people who are pushing for people to release their stuff is impatient. Take a break from the community, come back and maybe people have found a way to resolve something with a way to release their files. Nobody will be pushed around by a consumer of modifications just because the consumer wants it. For now, you'll have to be patient for it, not hard. 
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    Chippy reacted to SwedishModding in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    Cheers on that. Finally someone who has something sensible to say.
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    Chippy reacted to Kane104 in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    Let the staff adopt whatever stance and set whatever double standards they want, the result will be that modelers will simply move elsewhere. What I will say is that it ought to be the modelers' decision as to whether or not they decide to release their work unlocked, its not to be forced by a majority of people who haven't got the slightest clue in terms of how much time and effort is invested in modeling.
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    Chippy reacted to TGM in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    You are standing from a consumer point of view. I've tried to refrain from posting in this topic, but I feel like nobody really thinks the same way that a modder does. I don't believe you make models in ZModeler, do you?
    The thing is, I don't release a lot of stuff but I think it's cool to show my work to the community. Whenever somebody uploads a screenshot, it's not because a consumer of mods is going to get it, it's that somebody who was creating the mod would like feedback or opinions. That's what I do, and I find it awfully greedy that everyone flips out because they aren't going to get it. It's become a consumer society it seems, unfortunately. Screenshots can also show breakthroughs in modding, interesting mods, never before done mods. You'll just have to get used to, that's the way it goes. Personally I like getting feedback from the community as it has helped me become a better modder, which people really don't understand. Seems like this is a consumer site more than ever, just because somebody uploads a screenshot doesn't mean that they're going to get it...
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    Chippy reacted to Cj24 in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    It often just doesn't work. There're always people who purposely don't give credits. There're always people who upload a model without or only very slight changes just to have their name next to it. It ends up on many different websites, sometimes for many different games. Since there're almost no people who are able to rip models, you're easily able to prevent that by locking them.
    If you just comment to correct credits, people are going to complain, you should rather write a private message or report it. Either you take the time to do it properly (which is annoying) or you leave it, and most people are not going to choose the second option. But constantly having to look through different websites to see if somebody missed credits is not really an option either.
    I agree, if it all worked it would be great. Most people don't want that to work, though. Sometimes there're people who just want their own name in the credits and ignore everybody else and sometimes there're modders that simply don't want their parts released unlocked. Unless you say everybody totally ignores credits, it's never going to work. And let's be honest, how many modders are going to do that?
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    Chippy reacted to Cj24 in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    It's a surprise people were releasing for SA and IV then, because models were never completely secure. You were always expecting people to respect your work, and if they don't, you were expecting a website's staff to react.
    I'm wondering why you believe that people have that attitude. I've never seen anything like that. People want correct credits, not credits that praise them to the sun. They're supposed to list all contributions properly.
    A bit of a misconception of the internet. Just because you can download movies and music for free, it's not because you're allowed to. Everything has license agreements, no matter whether it's software, games, music, movies, models, videos, pictures or fonts. Many people simply choose to ignore them.
    People are always restricting limit to their work. In some games modding is allowed and encouraged, in some it's tolerated, in some it's completely forbidden. Do you expect modders to be different people? Some let you edit their mods, some don't. Just because all models are unlocked, that's not going to change.
    People here need to stop believing it's egoistic to release a locked mod. People share a mod, they give it to you for free to use it in your game. It's egoistic to keep expecting more.
    In fact, handling permissions without being able to lock models is going to be much more complicated. When you used third party models for your vehicle in IV you were allowed to use, but not to redistribute, you simply locked the car. Now you don't just have to credit people for all their parts, but you also need to post whether other people are allowed to edit and redistribute these specific parts, including all conditions or requirements.
    At this point, where donations or commercial youtube presentations are accepted by the community, it's pretty obvious people want to limit redistribution to make sure they get the recognition they want and deserve themselves. It's wrong just to remember the "selfish" modders that release locked models, you also need to think about those selfish people who release another's work with slight changes just to get popularity.
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    Chippy reacted to Cj24 in My Thoughts on V Modeling   
    Honestly, I don't think anything is going to change. Instead of locking models, people simply won't give permission to edit them.
    Just because all models can be edited, far from all models may be edited. The only thing that's going to be easier is to import models in ZMod. However, it's going to be a lot more complicated to check whether credits are correct or permissions were given. In the past, you were able to filter for unlocked models and you were allowed to use nearly all of them without any further permissions. Now you'll need to check every single model part to find out if you may edit it or have to contact the author to ask for permission.
    Without the ability to lock models, there won't be a new "open source" modding community. There'll just be much more reports because people don't want others to edit their mods.
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    Chippy got a reaction from Kane104 in Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI [WIP]   
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    Chippy reacted to Kane104 in Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI [WIP]   
    ​Awww yeah!
    I've finished up the rims and the cutting out of the doors so far, moving on to the windows and interior next.

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    Chippy got a reaction from Kane104 in Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI [WIP]   
    No real pictures Kevin :P
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    Chippy reacted to Kane104 in Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI [WIP]   
    Finished up the final headlight detailing with a rough render for you guys. Moving on to the rims and side of the car now.

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    Chippy got a reaction from Kane104 in Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI [WIP]   
    Love it Kevin great job so far!
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    Chippy reacted to Kane104 in Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI [WIP]   
    Another update for those following, I've finished up most of the rear detailing and moved over to the front. I'm working on the headlights at the moment so please excuse the lack of detailing to them.

    I will also make mention that I'm optimizing the model so that I'll be able to port it to both GTA IV and GTA V.
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    Chippy reacted to unr3al in Im from the Future   
    Simple question:

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    Chippy reacted to Pengi in HQ DSF 2008 CVPI   
    Odd; you seem to be describing your own behavior for the past several years while trying to give advice...
    @crypteclipse most people use the D:SF CVPI which CJ24 has released unlocked found here: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
    There's also plenty of unlocked parts on various websites. 
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    Chippy reacted to Kane104 in LAPD Liveries   
    404 Error: Argument Not Found
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    Chippy reacted to Kane104 in Volkswagen Golf 7 GTI [WIP]   
    I haven't had a lot of time to work on it throughout the week but I did manage to finish up the taillights and a few more small details over the past two days. Here's a screenshot below:

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    Chippy got a reaction from Carrythxd in Snapmatic Thread   
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    Chippy got a reaction from Carrythxd in Snapmatic Thread   
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    Chippy got a reaction from Carrythxd in Snapmatic Thread