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    Kieran Chandler reacted to CouthInk4 in POLICE 10-13..Thoughts & Questions   
    I also had suspicion of the game not being legit (since the only screenshots at the time were turbo-squid renders of models) and because of that i was abused and banned from his forums.
    From his behaviour i refuse to support the developer or his product. This game can come out and be the best law enforcement simulator ever to be created and i still won't buy it. i'll stick to LSPDFR atleast the Community here and developers are decent people.
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    Kieran Chandler reacted to FinKone in Rockstar, FiveM And Modding   
    Hell yea Rockstar - show you're support to the community! :D
    Rockstar be like : "BRO IMA SELL DEZ SHARK CARDS NO MATTER!" :X
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    Kieran Chandler reacted to LMS in GitHub repo talk thread   
    I thought it might be a nice idea to add a LSPDFR GitHub repo, where we (this explicitly includes you!), could maintain some general helper library specially for policing related modifications. This could cover things like the Vector3Extensions and other stuff like useful callout positions you guys mentioned somewhere. I would give a few of you admin as well, as I won't be able to manage it all the time. Pretty much depends on whether you think you would contribute there. Let me know.
    Just like LCPDFR, examples would also go there.
    What do you think?
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    Kieran Chandler reacted to LtFlash in Street heading and type   
    ad. 1) You can use a native function for this, eg. PATHFIND::GET_CLOSEST_VEHICLE_NODE_WITH_HEADING (http://www.dev-c.com/nativedb/)
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    Kieran Chandler reacted to Sniper296 in ATTENTION: A few mods contain malware   
    .asi mods are just C++ .dlls with a different file extension. They should be treated with no less suspicion than any other binary downloaded from the internet. I am seriously surprised that this has not happened before.
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    Kieran Chandler reacted to cp702 in Fixing the door bug in older ELS   
    No, ELS 8 uses AH to get around the issue. However, that means ELS.asi has to be coded to *use* AH. You can't just modify an ASI; it's compiled C++ code, and ELS is not open source (nor is AH).
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    Kieran Chandler reacted to LMS in LCPDFR 1.0 Lighting mode crashes game   
    Known issue, working on it.
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