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    Raggio got a reaction from desertlion2002 in Sharing Findings with LCPD:FR Versions and GTA IV   
    Once again, you are welcome!

    I don't believe there is a way to turn off (or change the keys, for that matter) your ped saying stuff when pressing the numpad keys, as those are used by LCPD:FR. I personally have always used "shift" as my run/sprint key for all games I play for about the last ten years, so I'm very used to that, lol! Until G17 Media allows for changing certain keys in the .ini configuration file, there's unfortunately nothing that can be done except for changing your sprint key.

    Also unfortunately, there is no way to turn off police AI backup, at least not to my knowledge. And I totally understand where you come from
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    Raggio got a reaction from nearbyplayer in ENB Settings   
    Assuming you use ELS, for the reflections on the ground and on buildings, you have to play around with the ELS.ini (not ENB.ini) file to change how for and how bright the reflections are:

    Range_LightsF = 7 // Range of headlight environment lights Intens_LightsF = 9 // Intensity headlight environment lights Range_LightsP = 90 // Range of primary environment lights Intens_LightsP = 2 // Intensity of primary environment lights The ENB's own .ini settings file may have additional settings, although I am unsure since I don't use the same one you do. I only know of Neolux's ENBs, of which some are designed to work specifically to work with ELS and contains extra settiings just for ELS. If you would also like to change the brightness of the lights on the lightbars themselves, are controlled by the file "visualsettings.dat," which is located in "Rockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto IVcommondata." The lines which govern how bright these lights are are as follows (I've edited this file before, and it helps brighten ELS lights in iCEnhancer): # Other emissive lights car.extralight.emissive.on 9.00 car.extralight.emissive.off 0.05

    You have to play around with the numbers to get it to a brightness that is suitable for you and for the ENB that you use.

    Hope that helps!
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    Raggio got a reaction from theninja35 in First Person Mod Help in Patch   
    Have you installed the wrong mod? The First Person Mod made by C06alt states in the readme that it only works for patch (I would know, since I use it on; ). If you want one that works for patch, you should be using the First Person Mod made by k3162, which is a modified version of C06alt's mod made to work on

    Hope that helps you! :happy:
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    Raggio got a reaction from Wayne George in patches   
    The latest patch for GTA IV is patch, which includes all the previous fixes. Just download and install it to be all up to date. :wink:
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    Raggio got a reaction from seriGR in Please help   
    To do this, open the file "popcycle.dat," and for every line under "PercCopCars," decrease the number. This decreases the ratio of normal cars to cop cars, which depends on the number of cars total under "#Cars." It's a long and tedious process to change all of them, but unfortunately there is no other way.

    If you don't want them to spawn in traffic at all, remove them from the file "cargrp.dat." Look for this line: "police, police2, polpatriot, noose, predator, pstockade, nstockade, fbi # POPCYCLE_GROUP_COPS" and remove the ones you don't want to spawn.
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    Raggio got a reaction from deAthRoWz in Sharing Findings with LCPD:FR Versions and GTA IV   
    UPDATED ON 06/10/2012 - See addendum below for additonal comments and clarifications.

    Hello All!
    This is NOT a thread asking for any kind of support. Rather, it is a thread on my findings after playing the various versions of LCPD:FR on GTA IV version Hopefully, this will help the developers if they ever add support for, which I read they dropped because they couldn't get text boxes to work (according to their response on gta4-mods.com):

    Hopefully in the future, LCPD:FR will be fully compatible with, and Jay's response to my post on this issue at GPM gives me hope. It is just a matter of time.

    After some experimentation playing version of the game with various versions of LCPD:FR, I can conclude that the ELS-related crashes that a lot of people seem to have depends on the version of LCPD:FR that I'm running as well. I have tried 0.91, 0.95 Beta, and 0.95 RC2. So far, 0.95 Beta appears to crash the most, and most often during car chases or when a random pursuit world event starts. I think that the crash happens when the 0.95 Beta tries to spawn backup units and/or NOOSE units. Just asking for NOOSE backup will cause the game to crash, and this was a problem with the coding that was resolved in 0.95 RC1. Also worthy of noting is that 0.91 says that ELS is installed in the console, whereas 0.95 Beta and 0.95 RC2 says it is not installed even if it is.

    The mod that runs the best is actually 0.95 RC2, believe it or not. I've had no ELS.asi or GTAIV.exe crashes playing this mod for over an hour, whereas 0.95 Beta will crash every 15-30 minutes or so. Even the suicide missions work properly, whereas in the 0.91 Stable and 0.95 Beta versions, it will keep spawning police cars until the game crashes (due to being out of memory, I believe) whenever I play that particular mission because of "[ERROR] Native function named "SET_PED_WEAPON" is not available." The only thing that doesn't work in 0.95 RC2 with is arresting people. I've tried all other functions, including pulling cars over, giving parked cars tickets, frisking suspects, playing callout missions, etc. and they all work. The only flaw is just pressing "E" to arrest a ped, which will always automatically cause a C0000005 error (and also a CSharp.Engine.Core error). I believe that this error is attempting to read or write in protected memory and is related to MS .NET/C++ coding.

    I want to stress that I'm using not for the graphics mods out there, but for the better performance and overall stability of that patch. I get 20+ increase FPS in, and can play at a near constant 60 FPS (except during car chases, of course), and about 90 with Vsync turned off. With, the game seems to like 40 FPS, regardless of Vsync. Plus, seems more prone to crashing. I have two computers: one runs with LCPD:FR and one runs with LCPD:FR. The one that runs actually crashes less than the one that runs So, that's why I think that it would be great if there's a way to make the newest LCPD:FR versions work on the patch of GTA IV that works best overall (which is someday. I don't know why anyone would play on anyway, considering that Rockstar Games basically broke the game by dumping the good shadows/shading system for a crap one that lowers performance and FPS, limiting modding capabilities and performance, and bringing other BS into the game that causes it to crash more often. It's not our fault that requires so much resources to play, because Rockstar Games made it that way after patch

    Anyway, I hope this helps in the development of LCPD:FR in the future. I love playing this mod more than I do most of my other games, and hopefully I can continue to enjoy it in the future with added features and enhanced support! Keep up the great work, G17 Media! :)

    ADDENDUM on 06/10/2012: People have recently been PMing me in regards to this thread. I have tried to condense all the findings and additional topics into the following paragraphs. Please refer to them for a simplified and conclusive version of this thread, and feel free to PM me if you have any questions at all.
    To start off, a myriad of members here mix up patch (4th patch) and (5th patch). They are NOT the same version and hence cannot be treated as such. Also, to get most mods to work on is an older version of ScriptHook.dll, which can be found here. It's really that simple. This version of ScriptHook.dll works with the latest version of ScriptHookDotNet.asi ( Beta), which can also be found here (and is NOT included with the latest LCPD:FR...the version which it installs is only Beta). The latest versions of dsound.dll, xlive.dll, and AdvancedHook.dll all work fine with this version of ScriptHook.

    To keep it simple, 0.95 Beta 1 works the best in terms of features, but 0.95 RC2 works the best in terms of stability. However, in the end I would still use 0.95 Beta 1 over 0.95 RC2 just because of the ability to arrest people (it is no fun to play LCPD:FR if I can't arrest anyone...). Mostly every function in 0.95 RC2 works in except for the arresting peds (which if you try to arrest a ped, the game will automatically crash from a script error). Mostly everything works in 0.95 Beta 1 too, except for calling NOOSE backups (known problem to 0.95 Beta 1 itself, not because of patch and authorizing lethal force (infinite loop of a script error until the suspect is killed or lethal force is unauthorized, but this does not crash the game). Also as an FYI, make sure to never play the suicide missions, as they always cause the game to work improperly. Remember, I said 0.95 Beta 1 works almost flawlessly on, while 0.95 RC2 works great, except you cannot arrest anyone (as it causes an instant script error). Therefore, if you really want to use 0.95 RC2 on, keep in mind not to arrest anyone.

    And lastly, ENBs will not interfere with the operation of LCPD:FR. They may interfere with ELS though, making the lights not as bright (or overly bright) due to the changed grapics settings. In such a case, a simple modification to the visualsettings.dat file will usually do the trick, although other flaws can't be fixed this way. To see proof of compatibility, you can to see screenshots which I took running LCPD:FR 0.95 Beta 1 on with iCEnhancer 2.0.

    Hope all of this helps you all! Have fun, and enjoy modding! :happy:
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    Raggio got a reaction from Taxi in Should I run this with EFLC or normal GTA4?   
    Using that method of adding in new police vehicles into GTA IV, no. LCPD:FR does not recognize police vehicles added that way; they only work in EFLC. This means that, not only can you not choose them in the vehicle selection in LCPD:FR, but you also can't pull other vehicles over nor access the MDT either while in added police vehicles. However, you can indeed spawn them using SNT after you customize the .ini configuration settings to allow custom vehicles to spawn.
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    Raggio reacted to Spitfire7 in Sharing Findings with LCPD:FR Versions and GTA IV   
    I am right there with Raggio. Same stuff happening for me. +1 for a version.

    I did hear in another thread that someone was saying the Beta 95 version ran best for I cant confirm that since I dont have it, but I saw that on a few different occassions.

    Does anyone have a link or an old copy of Beta .95 version? I would like to test this out for myself. Please let me know. Thanks.
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    Raggio reacted to Break in Sharing Findings with LCPD:FR Versions and GTA IV   
    He didn't bump, he responded to a thread. And since what he writes is relevant I don't see why he shouldn't be allowed to post.
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    Raggio got a reaction from Exakt785 in GTA IV.... Still Crashing -.-   
    If you're not using xlive.dll as your ASI loader, then the saved games are located in your AppData folder instead.
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    Raggio got a reaction from Slimory in I have read and read but still confused.   
    This has been reported a myriad of times. A simple search of the forums would have yielded thousands upon thousands of the same error report, and if you had read the stickies, you would have found a solution much quicker. Seeing how you posted here, I can tell that you did not actually read any of them, contrary to what you claim.

    But anyways, the solution to this problem is simple. Make sure that your game's root directory isn't marked as "read-only." To check for this, go to your game's install folder, right-click it, and look at the "Attributes" section near the bottom. Make sure that "read-only" is unchecked. After that, right-click on the installer program, click on "Properties" in the drop-down menu, go to the "Compatibility" tab, and then check "Run program as Administrator" near the bottom. Once you've done all this, the install should go smoothly and before you know it, you'll be enjoying LCPD:FR. Be sure to also apply the same "Run as Admin" settings to LaunchGTAIV.exe for the mod to work.

    Hope this helps you!
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    Raggio got a reaction from ShiniGami in Picking a car problem   
    Once you get the hang of it, SNT is actually very simple—and useful—to use, as it gives you way more control over the game. If you want to become a "real" cop, then I suggest you get vehicle and ped textures that correspond to a real life police department, as the default LCPD textures look pretty cheesy. I would also suggest for you to get weapons of your liking, along with realistic weapon sound mods, like this one. Go to modding websites like GTA4-Mods.com and just search for anything that you might like. For example, most people choose Glocks to replace the default handgun, while I like the HK MK23 SOCOM much better and have replaced the pistol with that. As for car mods, I tried to get those that looked like the ones used by the police department I am emulating in my game (SFPD) the most, so I installed any that had a Code 3 X2100 lightbar. I am actually using a myriad of mods at the same time, so again, if you're specific about what you want, I can give you some suggestions. Otherwise, I'd just have a laundry list of mods...

    Well, it depends on what you mean by "special." Graphics-wise, I do use an ENB mod, which enormously improves and enhances the visuals of the game. I use iCEnhancer 2.0, and if you haven't seen it in action already, again, for what it looks like. In additon, and also in those screenshots, I am currently using many of my own custom textures and mods, so I consider them "special" to me (also, they are WIP and not yet released). Other than those, I can't think of anything else that's "special," as many mods I am using are also used by many others as well.

    Well, hope that helps you! Happy modding!
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    Raggio got a reaction from ShiniGami in Picking a car problem   
    The problems you are experiencing are not due to LCPD:FR per se, but rather due to the car pack you installed. I don't recommend installing car packs of any sort because they cause more problems than the fun you get out of using them. Instead, I recommend you pick and choose individual car mods to install, so that you can try each one out in the game individually and remove those that are causing problems for your game.

    Here are some simple troubleshooting steps for your problems, since all three are well-known problems that could have been easily solved by searching this forum or on Google.

    1) The reason the car isn't showing up is because you are causing the game to use more resources than is available on your computer by installing too many mods. Your ped is standing in midair and can't move because the car that he's supposed to be in has failed to load, causing an error in the game. If you have not attempted this already, open the FirstResponse.ini file, and change the setting "PreloadAllModels = False" to "PreloadAllModels = True." This will force the vehicles to be loaded into the game so that other textures cannot take their place. However, a side effect of this may include disappearing textures, as insufficient resources is ultimately the cause of disappearing textures.

    2) The taxi bug is normal if you install high-poly car mods, and I have no doubt that the car pack you installed included all high-poly, ELS-enabled car mods. To fix this problem, simply download and install a traffic mod fix, such as TrafficLoad or Be forewarned: these mods need more system resources than usual, since it loads more high-poly models into the game. If you already have insufficient system resources, then you'll see even more disappearing textures, in which case it is not recommended to use them—they will eventually cause your game to crash as your system runs out of memory.

    3) The car pack you installed probably included all ELS-enabled cars. To get the lights to work, you need to download and install ELS.

    Hope this helps! If problems persist, please post a diagnostics report using the diagnostics tool for further troubleshooting.
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    Raggio got a reaction from ShiniGami in Picking a car problem   
    You're welcome! Glad I helped you out!

    And yes, you can easily have more than one partner if you use SNT to spawn them. As I recall, you can only spawn up to 7 that will follow you around. Just set them as bodyguards and they will follow and protect you. I actually like spawning partners this way rather than going into the police station and getting one, as not only am I able to have more than one partner, but I can also customize my partners' ped, clothing, voice, weapon, etc.
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    Raggio reacted to TyMeLeSs in [TyMeLeSs][Rotations] Siren Productions   
    Excellent work on the textures, they look great.
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    Raggio got a reaction from Snake in Low FPS on GTA 4   
    Well, like I've said and like you've tried, lowering your graphics settings is all you basically can do to increase your FPS, next to not running any mods on GTA IV. I don't know why the commandline.txt file didn't do anything for you, as it helped me. Before using it, I got around 60 FPS all the time, but now with it, I got GTA IV to use more of my GPU's dedicated graphics memory and can play around 80 FPS all the time. That's why I suggested it in the first place, because you can set for GTA IV to use more of your available VRAM than it actually uses, and I've checked this to be true using my EVGA Precision GPU monitoring tool.

    General suggestions would include not running any other programs in the background, making sure that your graphics card settings are all set to performance rather than to quality, and turning off power saving features that might be preventing your computer from utilizing certain features. I know not too many people do this when they get their computer...I had to help most of my friends optimize their laptops and desktops for gaming simply because they left all the CPU, GPU, and Windows settings that relate to performance at the default factory/stock settings, which are usually set to power saving and low performance.

    Other than that, unfortunately, there's not much you can do if you cannot get a desktop. I don't think buying a cooler will help with anything, since that only keeps temps down, which you say are already pretty low. The cooler isn't going to boost your performance or anything—only new hardware will do that. You can try looking at NVIDIA's mobile GPUs I guess, since I've always used NVIDIA's GPUs (especially ones made by EVGA) and had no problems with them, in contrast to ATI, which always gave me trouble with terrible software and drivers, not to mention terrible support.
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    Raggio got a reaction from Snake in Low FPS on GTA 4   
    I'm terribly sorry, but I don't recommend any kind of gaming on a laptop. You can easily upgrade, troubleshoot, etc. desktops, but the opposite is true for laptops. Furthermore, the upgrades you can make to a laptop are extremely limited—not to mention much more expensive—when compared to upgrading desktops. Hence, if you want to run GTA IV relatively well with loads of mods and things like that (or any other graphics intensive game, for that matter), I'd seriously consider getting a desktop instead. Therefore, I can unfortunately only recommend desktop parts, not laptop parts, as I solely build, OC, and troubleshoot desktops.

    However, other members here are more than welcome to help you out and give you insight on upgrading your laptop. I have zero experience dealing with laptops, and try to avoid them whenever possible for heavy duty computing and gaming.
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    Raggio reacted to magicmann in LCPDFR Spotlight NEOLUX'S ENB   
    Here is the visualSettings.dat info.The values im posting are the only ones that i edited inside the file the others are Neolux's settings.

    #config values for vehice settings
    car.headlight.angle -0.25
    # car.headlight.color 1.00 1.00 1.20
    car.headlight.color.red 1.00
    car.headlight.color.green 1.00
    car.headlight.color.blue 1.20
    car.headlight.intensity 3.00
    car.headlight.falloffMax 35.00
    car.headlight.innerConeAngle 20.00
    car.headlight.outerConeAngle 35.00
    car.headlight.emissive.on 90.00
    car.headlight.emissive.off 0.05

    # car.taillight.color 1.00 0.00 0.00
    car.taillight.color.red 1.00
    car.taillight.color.green 0.00
    car.taillight.color.blue 0.00
    car.taillight.intensity 2.00
    car.taillight.falloffMax 8.00
    car.taillight.innerConeAngle 45.00
    car.taillight.outerConeAngle 90.00
    car.taillight.emissive.on 100.00
    car.taillight.emissive.off 0.05

    # car.siren.color 1.00 0.20 0.00
    car.siren.color.red 1.00
    car.siren.color.green 0.20
    car.siren.color.blue 0.00
    # car.siren.color2 0.00 1.00 2.00
    car.siren.color2.red 0.00
    car.siren.color2.green 1.00
    car.siren.color2.blue 2.00
    car.siren.intensity 18.00
    car.siren.falloffMax 20.00
    car.siren.innerConeAngle 30.00
    car.siren.outerConeAngle 60.00

    # car.taxi.color 1.00 1.00 0.60
    car.taxi.color.red 1.00
    car.taxi.color.green 1.00
    car.taxi.color.blue 0.60
    car.taxi.intensity 2.00
    car.taxi.falloffMax 1.50
    car.taxi.innerConeAngle 0.50
    car.taxi.outerConeAngle 1.00

    car.indicator.intensity 2.00
    # car.indicator.color 1.00 0.50 0.00
    car.indicator.color.red 1.00
    car.indicator.color.green 0.50
    car.indicator.color.blue 0.00
    car.indicator.falloffMax 2.50
    car.indicator.innerConeAngle 30.00
    car.indicator.outerConeAngle 80.00
    car.indicator.emissive.on 75.00
    car.indicator.emissive.off 0.05

    # Other emissive lights
    car.defaultlight.emissive.on 350.00
    car.defaultlight.emissive.off 0.05
    car.brakelight.emissive.on 225.00
    car.brakelight.emissive.off 0.05
    car.middlebrakelight.emissive.on 200.00
    car.middlebrakelight.emissive.off 0.05
    car.reversinglight.emissive.on 100.00
    car.reversinglight.emissive.off 0.10
    car.extralight.emissive.on 9.00
    car.extralight.emissive.off 0.05

    Here are the only 2 lines I edited in the ENB configuration file(you probably wouldnt even have to change this one i'm just picky)


    My ELS configuration settings

    Range_LightsF = 7 // Range of headlight environment lights
    Intens_LightsF = 6 // Intensity headlight environment lights
    Range_LightsP = 50 // Range of primary environment lights
    Intens_LightsP = 4 // Intensity of primary environment lights

    And thats it the ENB is a very simple install just follow the instructions i the read me file that comes with it and you'll be up and running in no time!If you have any questions about editing these files please ask and i'll help as much as I can. I'm still new to this stuff so if you have any better settings please share :)
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    Raggio reacted to magicmann in LCPDFR Spotlight NEOLUX'S ENB   
    Thank you again sir,and yes i'll post my settings i'm using.This enb is very pc friendly my fps has actually increased since installing this.The only issue i'm having anc cant resolve is the lights when im inside the police station are way way to bright,I can't figure out what i need to turn down.I'll post my settings soon and heres the first Episode i released with the new ENB.

    Hope you enjoyed it!
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    Raggio got a reaction from magicmann in LCPDFR Spotlight NEOLUX'S ENB   
    Aside from minor lags and FPS drops, the graphics look pretty good! Yes, Neolux's ENBs are best with ELS, as he taylored them with care to make ELS look brilliant in his ELS-enhanced ENBs. Thanks for sharing it with others as well! If you want, you can also share your settings here so that others who come across this ENB may also enjoy it the way you are now!

    Are you planning to do a series of LCPD:FR patrol and pursuit videos using this ENB? That would be awesome, especially when commentary is included!

    Aww, you're absolutely welcome! I'm very happy I was able to bring to you a new mod to play around with, as well as assisted you in setting it up! Enjoy, and feel free to ask me anything about modding if you have any other questions in the future!
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    Raggio reacted to Braveheart in Roleplaying tool (serious enthusiasts only!) [mdc.lcpdfr.com]   
    EDIT 18/12/2011

    I'm very pleased to announce that the LCPD:FR staff have kindly allowed me to move the system to their servers!! So, effective immediately, please access the following link to get to the system:


    Report bugs at: mdc.lcpdfr.com/report_bug.php

    (Make sure it hasn't already been reported: http://mdc.lcpdfr.com/view_bugs.php)

    The report a bug and view bugs links can also be found at the bottom of the index page (outstanding calls).

    EDIT 06/11/2011

    Please ensure you read the details after logging in before using the system. The main point being please use the "Generate person(s) at incident" on the My Inquiries page to generate ALL persons details you use in your work. using them means it builds up a virtual record for each person which other officers can access via person checks etc.

    Avoid making up or using persons' details from LCPD:FR in this tool.

    Use the "Generate person(s) at incident" tool for persons' details.

    Please do report any bugs you find. And have fun!


    Original message: I'm not sure if I've posted this here before or not, I can't seem to find it. I have posted it on GTApolicemods.com. It was originally made to go hand in hand with LCPD:FR so I'll post it here too.

    I thoroughly enjoy LCPD:FR and I like to take the game one step further by role-playing. Now I'm not the best programmer nor have I any intentions to be a programmer, however I wanted more detailed calls in the game and I decided to try and make something, from scratch. So after a little reading up on HTML and PHP I had a go, and this is what I came up with.

    Let me know your thoughts and any suggestions. I do plan on adding more calls and other things when time prevails. I suppose it's more suited to an online environment - would anyone be interested in founding a "virtual police force"?

    EDIT: You'll now need to register your own file, the test account has been closed.
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    Raggio reacted to magicmann in LCPDFR Spotlight NEOLUX'S ENB   
    Heres a look at Neolux's ENB mod for GTAIV,This ENB is fantastic for ELS I had to do some minor tweaking to a few settings but overall this is the best ENB out there for ELS.I hope you enjoy.

    A big thanks to Raggio for telling me about this ENB and his great description on how to edit the settings:)

    (Neolux's ENB)

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    Raggio got a reaction from Jay Miller in What siren is this?   
    What you go there is a Code 3 MasterCom B siren. Here are a couple examples and links to the ones that I can find:

    Download here.

    I cannot find this one...

    Or if you're looking to make your own mod, Code 3 has put up tones for its sirens on its website (linked above).

    Hope that helps!
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    Raggio got a reaction from NicolaiB in Need Some Assistance With DAS v1.3   
    You're welcome! Enjoy! :happy:
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    Raggio got a reaction from NicolaiB in Need Some Assistance With DAS v1.3   
    You're welcome! Enjoy! :happy: