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  1. I had one pop up about conflicting keybinds that gave me an option to "auto fix" that's about it
  2. I'm sure this is due to a conflict somewhere, but i got LAPDFR running tonight, and added a few popular mods to it. Namely LSPDFR+, Arrest Manager, Traffic Policer, Computer Plus, some new callouts and some car packs. However, now whenever i attempt to pull someone over, they run. I mean they ALWAYS run and crash into something nearby. Also whenever i hit F to step out of the car, it cancels the stop every time. Another thing i have noticed is that i cannot stop a ped walking down the sidewalk like i should be able too. Any one else having these issues?
  3. Trying to go on duty and change what my character is wearing so i can put him in a uniform, but the menu options will NOT move, ive tried using mouse, WASD keys, 8462 keys etc etc, am i missing something?
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