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  1. im having an issue where if i try to drop a suspect off myself i get the fade screen and the on screen prompt as shown in your video, but i also get a menu on the left that asks me the same thing again but from another mod, though i believe its just the normal lspdfr menu? if i select two different options the game crashes, if i select have the partner bring the suspect in both times then two officers spawn, the first getting the ped from the vehicle and the second soft locks my game while i wait for him to grab a ped that isnt there. is there a way to disable just your prisoner drop off sequence? i didnt see it as an option in the configuration ini but i might be blind.
  2. The court portion of the mod has also stopped working for me. Though i know that it did work when all i had installed was LSPDFR+. I think that the issue happened when i installed computer+ Interestingly though i think ive uninstalled computer+ properly but the court system still doesnt work. I think there is some weird minor compatibility issues arising that doesnt stop the mods from functioning full stop, but does perhaps interfere with certain menus or prompts.
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