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  1. solved. I had to change the vehicle.meta data, Where it says flags, its suppose to only say FLAG_HAS_LIVERY, Instead they all had some strange random stuff which I've since removed, Fixing my issue.
  2. So basically, I keep trying to do what I usually do, Add police vehicles into the game, Instructions followed as usual etc, But for some reason when the cars are spawned in game, The texture appears to be messed up completely, The registration plates appear in large on the side of the car for some reason and everythings just completely messed up! It shows up perfect in OPEN IV so I'm not sure what's going on! Any helps appreciated, all cars are installed correctly in the correct patchday
  3. It don't have to be, It can be a man too, its just a borderline suggestion.
  4. There's two west mids hazard siren mods, Both from the same person, Both as close to todays west mids as you'll get. Just google west mids police siren gta5
  5. None of the current callouts are any different to callouts already around, And thing is its also not specifically security work either
  6. Massive respect to allbo and his personality. Such a down to earth person, Well done for the way you stick up for members of the community dude! Great videos, Great gamefiles, Great personality, The full package. About the suggestions for bleddyn, You could do a domestic disturbance where a woman has been hit or her car has been vandalize and the suspect is walking around somewhere locally, You could have a callout where police are called to raid a suspected cannabis grow, You could have a working callout consisting of a huge fight involving upto 3 drunk groups outside a bar, You could have a callout to assist in a fire at a building, Idk, There are so many callouts, both complex and really simple that aren't in the community yet, I couldn't list them all but they're still ideas in case they're of any use. You could also check out things like, Uk body cam squad, Road Wars, Police camera action, Cops with cameras UK etc, Most episodes cam be found on YouTube.
  7. Freezes the game and then unloads plugins when you scroll down on the police radio after a traffic stop or arrest. Not many plugins installed at all asides the ones needed for this. Is there a fix?
  8. I have no idea why I got a notification for this thread. How do you like..back out?
  9. Got it, Fantastic. I'll jump on now and check if this resolves the issue.
  10. That's really helpful advise actually, thank you. Any chance you could direct me in the right direction as to where I can edit the key binding for reporting a crime?
  11. It does come up with that on screen, I've tried and it does neither of those things, It just comes up with the option to record the game menu because I'm using an xbox one controller
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