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  1. Damn, I discovered this mod a few days ago, just before seeing that 0.4 was soon to be released. I haven't been this excited for a long time ! This is the mod. This is the mod that finally gave me a way to have fun again in solo, after having spent a good deal of hours on vanilla (or with minor mods) and giving a real chance to Online. Had I known that this existed when playing GTA IV, I'd probably still be playing it (mind you, I already spent a few years on IV so no regrets there ^^) ! You guys are awesome, seriously ! I haven't felt the need to post on a forum for a long, long time but you guys... It is really pleasant so see people so dedicated to a great game and making it even better ! I am a Rockstar fanboy but they really should have put more work into the solo experience, or at least keep it up to date, give us some of the tasks and perks that we have Online... But anyway, the important thing is you guys rock ! Today or on the 28th, I'm just so glad that I found this just before the release ! Keep on awesome-ing !
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