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  1. Arrest manager, ComputerPlus, Better EMS, LSPDFR+, PeterUCallouts, PoliceSmartRadio, SearchWarrant, StopThePed, Tacco Highway Calouts, Vocal dispatch, Assorted callouts and some car mods
  2. No my computer is fine. Its just that sometimes when I start up the game it takes forever for the textures to load.
  3. The textures won't load fast enough
  4. I found out that it is that I must not be installing the cars correctly because it only happens when I get car mods
  5. it is crashing again even though I reinstalled everything here is the log file RagePluginHook_11022019_004108.log
  6. intel core i5 and a 3gb GeForce gtx 1060
  7. That is what I am going to do because now it works but it lags too much so I am just going to restart Thanks for the help though
  8. It is working but it is lagging like crazy and the cars I downlaoded are gone. Why is it lagging so much
  9. How am I supposed to edit vehicles in the mods folder if there are no vehicles in it to edit? It is done downloading. Let me see if that fixed it.
  10. but my mods folder is empty
  11. wait all the youtube videos say to edit them with OpenIV
  12. but that might have been the vehicles I installed since that edits the file.
  13. hold on its almost done validating 4 files failed to validate and are now being reaquired
  14. okay just a second it is validating rightnow
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