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  1. the hype is real and the same as when the devs announced lspdfr 0.4 to be released february 2019
  2. Got a question : will there be gloves to equip?
  3. What an amazing work Alex the new update is excelent !
  4. Strange question, is there a way to change the lspdfr's character birthday?
  5. OMG Sam I love you I never fought you would release it today I love you I mean I love the entire dev team you are really amazing guys even more than rockstar thank you to be part of all the amazing moders that are here today !
  6. So for LSPDFR 0.4 what i know is that we will be able to give a real police officer's life or almost to our character? sync with the website give him/her a name, age fully customizable, same for agency you can have your own apartment and a reworked flashlight with some improved stuffs, radio, crime scenes? and much more i think i forgot? let's talk about this all
  7. While we're all waiting for lspdfr 0.4 to be released why don't we speak about the new functionalities?
  8. C'mon guys don't worry they've got 10 months and a alf to release 0.4
  9. I feel like it won't be out before march
  10. well doing clean re install of gta 5 too with 100 ko/s download speed hehe got the time until 0.4 comes out xd
  11. it seems for me that gta 5 got updated when launching rage plugin hook it tells me unsuported version idk for you guys? script hook V is not supporting the version i mean sorry
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