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  1. Seems like this gonna be released next sunday.
    My favorite author, to be honest. FPS lossless and pretty much optimized plugins, this is what community does need. Thank you very much for those constant updates!
  2. Faut appuyer sur "C" pour voir la radio. Sinon, tout au début, il y a une sorte de processus d'installation du radio.
  3. RAGE doesn't need an update to be played, it works fine.
  4. Anyways what I am saying is if LSPDFR 0.4 does not get released before Monday (forum time), then don't expect it before next sunday haha.
  5. Seems like staff team are hard-testing LSPDFR while waiting for Sam to get online https://www.lcpdfr.com/lspdfrsync/character/53-jimmy-hernandez/
  6. I am pretty sure they already done everything. I believe they are writing up some wiki guide, you know.
  7. Are numbers allowed for input though?
  8. There is no 30th nor 29th in February.
  9. You could make it public? And make staff channels private? That could also work...
  10. Joue sans ELS. Faudra attendre une mise à jour de ScripthookV. ( @Thunder666 )
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