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  1. Interaction+ is causing a crash on start up for me. I get this error: [03/04/19 11:27:34 PM.388] LSPD First Response: Exception type: System.AccessViolationException [03/04/19 11:27:34 PM.388] LSPD First Response: Exception message: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. All the other plugins listed as working are installed and work fine.
  2. Thank you! After having having to remove this mod for .4, the game just didn't seem complete. I'm so glad its been updated.
  3. Yea... that's a weird description. I think they had an issue where the responders would just drive in circles or aimlessly. But what it also does, it takes the treated peds and takes them with them.
  4. I have make peds calm again installed as well. What else do you have installed?
  5. I've been playing for a few hours now. Don't know how many spikes I called (a lot to see if I could get it to crash). No crashes. Thanks!
  6. Ok, thanks. I just started playing. I'll let you know if it's fixed for me.
  7. I reverted to the older version. When I get a chance, I'll change back to the new version and upload it.
  8. LSPDFR crashes whenever I use spike strips. It spawns spike strip backup, immediately says they are ineffective and crashes. It worked fine in the previous version and only started with
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