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  1. Since I am an unfortunate human being with "Windows 10 Single Language",I think that it is safe to assume that I am screwed.But I believe is that the issue only happens on "Single Language" Windows versions since Pain is using german OS and still getting the error i get (I have turkish OS)
  2. Looks like exactly the same issue i'm having.I hope we can find a fix for this. (Just realized,why this issue only happens for Turkish people? if i count myself,this is the 3rd time i see this and the other ones country is "Turkey" on their profile)
  3. "AccessViolationException, attempted to read or write protected memory,This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt." i get this error when i load LSPDFR 4.0.Is there any way where i can get around it? Crash Report.txt
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