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  1. MinorityMark

    Police MDT Help

    im looking for the best out of game police MDT as i cant find any good ones or does someone know of a good one being developed currently
  2. MinorityMark

    LSPDFR + Court System Issue

    So whenever i make an arrest and the suspect gets picked up there should be a notification about how im following a new court case but there is none and when i go look i cant see the person under the menu
  3. MinorityMark

    Fort Lauderdale PD 4x4 jeep

    Oh sorry my bad
  4. MinorityMark

    Fort Lauderdale PD 4x4 jeep

    this is pretty much what you want right?
  5. previously i tried to sign up for weeks but every time i got the error code panopticon and could not find a fix until randomly worked today
  6. MinorityMark

    Ford Bronco 2019 Police Vehicle

    the 2020 ford bronco is gonna be a 4 dour mid size suv slightly bigger than the explorer
  7. Many departments have used Ford since the dawn of american cars and have used many cars over the years like the crown vic and now the explorer and now with the new release of the bronco do you not thing this would look amazing as a police car and serve a real purpose and maybe even take over the Explorer