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  1. Another question. Are you planning to add some slicktop versions for these vehicles? Would love to see a slicktop crown vic and a slicktop ford taurus. Have a nice day!
  2. Is it possible to swap the replace spot from police2 to sheriff or do i have to use it in the police2 slot? Nice Car anyway.
  3. At first. Love the car and the lights, great work. Second. Could you add some more lights to the mirrows, back licence plate and some amber lights at the ELS Stage one like a traffic adviser? And would be nice if you could fix the takedown lights on it. Right now theyre shining at the back and not the front. Have a good day!
  4. Hello, at first, very nice cars and i love them. Great work. My second thing is that i got a question. I want the Explorer and the Taurus in the game but they're both in the police3 slot. Could I change the police3 model to a police2 model so i can have both cars ingame or isn't that working?
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