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  1. Yeah, it's not the download. I had already tried that. Thanks anyways. Hopefully someone finds a fix, I would love to use this truck in the sandking slot.
  2. @ DisguisedOptics I have a bit of a problem lol. My truck has no tires (it is still able to be driven though) and no livery. Also, the visor and dash lights are not working. I placed it in the sandking slot, rather than sheriff. Side note, I love the green lights.
  3. I would love to see a way to mark myself unavailable/available for calls via the Companion App.
    Great work! One of the best game play enhancements out there.
    Far superior to past radar scripts that I've used. Great Job @BejoIjo !
  4. I would love to see Court Cases integration for the computer lite in a future update. I've had serious issues with Computer Plus causing game crashes, but I haven't had a crash using the computer lite thus far. My only other concern is while using the computer lite on a traffic stop, when I press A with the controller to select something in the menu, it ends up canceling my traffic stop. It would be nice if that could be changed to X.
  5. LSPDFR is crashing after the text windows begin popping up on the left of the screen after forcing duty. I have reinstalled arrest manager, traffic control, and stop the ped already as I thought they were the cause but it was unsuccessful. Full log is attached. Please help. The bottom of my rage hook log reads : RagePluginHook.log
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