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  1. I'm trying to get LCPDFR to work on GTA IV. Previously had it working, but I had to reformat my drive so I'm trying to reinstall it. I've got the based GTA IV working and running perfectly, but I can't get the LCPDFR mod to work. This issue seems to be posted on the forum a few times, but none of the suggestions seem to work for me. My ScriptHookDotNet log says: Which is the error. It appears to be something to do with the LCPD First Response.dll file. I've already tried reinstalling C++, reinstalling .NET, reinstalling LCPDFR (both the xlive and dsound ASI launchers), manually installing LCPDFR, setting all GTA EXE files to run as admin, ensuring all files are not read-only and downgrading the GTA IV version (as explained on the forum). None of this works and the mod does not work. Pressing Alt + P does nothing and the "LCPDFR_Loader.Loader" script fails to start. There is nothing that would have that DLL file open. I've even tried disabling my firewall and anti-virus, with no luck.