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  1. johnny52704

    (CPD)Chicago Police EUP Vest/Shirt

    I installed the shirt correctly and it won't show up but the vest does
  2. johnny52704

    Coroner van

    very cool, Kanye.
  3. johnny52704

    Callout manager unhandled expectation

    Actually can you send me an older version because I need an older one for it to work
  4. johnny52704

    Callout manager unhandled expectation

    Okay so I downloaded and installed it and still got the same error, I replied my new log earlier if that helps?
  5. johnny52704

    Callout manager unhandled expectation

    hmm downloaded it and installed it into the main directory and the crash still occurs. I'll send my new log but I'm really not sure what it is because I already had ScriptHookVDotNet I just replaced the files this time. RagePluginHook.log
  6. I have been trying to solve this problem for a long time if you have ANY ideas please lmk. I will have my log at the bottem if you can tell me what the problem is there. I have been told to download the stealth.common file and I already have still does not work. RagePluginHook.log
  7. johnny52704

    Callout Manager Causing Unhandled Exception

    Okay I have made a new support topic and have included my log will see what happens with that.
  8. johnny52704

    Callout Manager Causing Unhandled Exception

    Okay, I can remove some callout packs and see if that works. I am also missing the stealth.common.dll but I'm not sure where to download that. If you need my log I am happy to give it to you.
  9. johnny52704

    Callout Manager Causing Unhandled Exception

    Did you ever figure out the problem cause i have it now.
  10. johnny52704

    Callout Manager

    I need help: IDK what prob is but it says error or some shit like that B. Here is my log help is appreciated! will give thanks. RagePluginHook.log
  11. johnny52704

    [ELS] Chicago PD 2018 FPIU

    Yea I live in chicago and my highschool is right next to a police academy and this is NOT the new design but another creator has made the actual new design on this website if you want it.
  12. johnny52704


    AMAZING! at first I was very confused as to how it worked but than when I found out it made everything much more realistic, Sebo keeps the mod up to date fixing bugs as well!
  13. johnny52704

    Taser X2

    Can someone help me with a more detailed explanation of how to install the skins? Wait whats the difference between base and cam?
  14. johnny52704

    Taser X2

    Look so good, but I cannot figure out how to install the yellow skins I have replaced them in the right place but it doesn't show.