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  1. Ok will try it when I get home, am I editing the slots under the zone where there is already a vehicle slot listed? Like I’m just adding more slots correct
  2. Do I need to edit it in both or just one of the XML files?
  3. Is it just me or is this new version crashing terribly. I know this is a free mod and I highly appreciate the mod however its really not possible for me to play right now. I have a very powerful computer and I am getting horrible texture pop and constant crashes. Is anyone else experiencing texture pop and frequent crashes as well?
  4. Yea I have edited both and still all I see is police1 patrolling everywhere. Is there a specific spot to edit it at? I enter my own slots when it shows blaine county and what vehicles to spawn
  5. Hello, What program uses the patrol vehicles for LSPDFR? I have edited the default and custom XML files in Ultimate back up to my liking. I always see police1 and police3 patrolling everywhere though. Paleto Bay I want it set for the sheriff slots but its always police1 and police2. What exactly do I need to change to reflect what I want? I have gone through and edited both XML files but nothing changes. Please if anyone can help me.
  6. Im curious to see if anyone has an answer. I am experiencing horrible texture pop on 0.4.
  7. Does anyone know how I can assign certain police slots to the ultimate back up? The only vehicles that always spawn are police1, police3 and sherrif1 slots. I want to assign police4 to the SAHP on ultimate back up.
  8. Hello. Everytime I request back up using the ultimate back up mod the responding officers are always wearing a white t shirt and blue jeans. None of my back up is ever wearing a police uniform. Anyone have any idea why this is happening? I am using LSPDFR 4
  9. I am having this exact same issue. Every time i try to ask someone for their ID LSPDFR crashes.
  10. I cannot for the life of me get this to work. First off i dont have the weapon that this is supposed to replace so I changed it in the traffic policer INI file to show for the appistol. I have installed the files correctly and still the regular appistol model shows but I am able to take radar with it. How do I get the correct model to show as the actual radar gun????
  11. do you know how to access your vehicles.meta in openiv?
  12. I just had this problem, I had to re-install RPH and LSPDFR. My game looks slightly different now but it still works all the same as before.
  13. Hello everyone I am really stumped by this problem. Out of nowhere LSPDFR freezes when I go on duty, when the box appears that loads the console commands when you first go on duty it freezes midway through the loading process. It does not crash as after thirty seconds a ding goes off in the background and it unfreezes. If I type in the rage console command to load lspdfr plug in then force duty it works fine but without my police smart radio or computer+. I have tried to remove, re-install both plug ins and this still happens. I can't provide a crash report because the game never crashes it just freezes. I have not made any recent addition to the game. Anyone have any ideas?
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