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  1. Umm, I installed some of mods to Patchday19 but its crashing my game.
  2. Anybody know where i should install police car mod if the creator of mod didnt write any location to install it? Maybe x64e or what? My game just crashes if i install to x64e.
  3. Kana

    LSPDFR DIM ELS lights

    Alright, i try. Thanks.
  4. Kana

    LSPDFR DIM ELS lights

    Well, i installed that pack and watched some tutorial videos. I can check again if there is something wrong. GPU: GTX 1080, CPU: I7 8700K RAM: 32 GB. Plugins i use : LSPDFR+, Traffic Policer, Arrest Manager, Computer+, PoliceSmartRadio, SpeedRadarLite, StopThePed, Wilderness Callouts and Police Toolbox.
  5. Kana

    LSPDFR DIM ELS lights

    So, i had Redux 1.5, ReShade and Radiance V installed on this video. I changed car.defaultlight.day.emissive.on to 6000.00 at OpenIV (visualsetting.dat) and car.defaultlight.night.emissive.on to 1500.00. I did like everybody saying in LCPDFR.com forums. I changed PostFX to Ultra. Watch the video, you understand then.